Nicky Marshall: Author. Speaker. Mentor

"It's not often you meet people who are both spiritually intelligent and completely grounded. Nicky is one of them - I recommend you connect, follow & learn from a very enlightened individual."
Tom Evans

With 20 years in the wellbeing industry and a business background Nicky has an interesting story to share. Nicky is an international bestselling author and speaker, bringing passion and inspiration to her audiences.

Nicky is well acquainted with adversity and the road to bouncing back. She believes that people are amazing and capable of creating an awesome life, providing the have the right tools and a helping hand.

On the 26th July, 2010 Nicky suffered a stroke as a result of a scuba diving accident. She lost the use of most of the left side of her body, her speech and memory were affected and she was unable to drive her manual car to the three month old business she had created. She had four growing up teenagers at home and Nicky wondered how she was going to carry on.

Nicky's background is holistic therapy and stress management and with A levels in Anatomy & Physiology she had all the tools she needed for recovery, so she set out on an epic bounce back journey with no idea if she would succeed.

Three years later Nicky was fit, 100% recovered, able to dive again and ready to sell the business that she thought she would have to wind up in 2010.

Nicky set up Discover Your Bounce, passionate to help as many people as she can to find their 'bounce' by boosting their energy, dropping their overwhelm and creating a clear plan to live their best life.

Today the Discover Your Bounce Group consists of three companies and is helping more people than ever. Find out more here.

Talks Nicky offers:

Nicky's Speaking Highlights include:

  • Speaker and Advisory Council Member at Women Economic Forum, New Delhi
  • Keynote Speaker at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
  • Presentation at the Novartis Institute of BioMedical Research, Boston
  • Guest Speaker at 4Networking, BNI, Women Mean Biz, Ladies Who Latte, The Professionals, The Women's Business Club and Women in Sustainability
  • Speaker at Be Your Own Hero
  • Keynote presentation at CIPD Bristol Wellbeing Conference
  • Speaker at Make That Change! Bristol


What they say:

Nicky is a thoroughly decent, warm, engaging and professional person and speaker. She was a delight to welcome to GOSH and I found her talk captivating. Highly recommended.

Ali Mohammed, Director of HR & OD
Ali Mohammed, Director of HR & OD Great Ormond Street Hospital

Working with Nicky was a delight - aside from her truly inspiring story, Nicky is engaging and extremely credible, and I warmly recommend her as a speaker, and mentor. Her books are a great read, and you can see that Nicky has put her personal touch on every one of them. The feedback from her presentation at GOSH recently was very positively received!

James Devine, Executive Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development
James Devine, Executive Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development Medway NHS Foundation Trust

Well what can i say. I have heard Nicky tell her story and deliver her workshops many times. A wonderful speaker, coach and full to the brim with knowledge on life and living a happier life. You need to make it along to one of her talks and see for yourself. A truly inspiring human being. Love you Nicky.

Owen Morgan, Founder
Owen Morgan, Founder World Health Heroes

Nicky is a fabulous teacher and helps and guides you through everything that comes up during the course of the programme. I have learnt so much! Overall I am calmer, more engaged and happier than I was before.

Kathryn King
Kathryn King Kathryn King Designs

More about Nicky Marshall

  • Mentor.

    Nicky is a seasoned mentor and on a quest to help everyone she meets to find their Bounce!

    Nicky offers two styles of mentoring:

    Taking people on an individual journey through The Bounce Programme to increase their health and energy and to create a vision of their best life.

    Personalised book mentoring and an opportunity to join her inner circle.

    To find out more and arrange an initial session in person or via Skype, e-mail Nicky here.

  • Author.

    An international, best-selling and award winning writer, Nicky has written her own books and contributed to a selection of works, all designed to help guide people through difficult times. You can see a full list on her Amazon Speaker Page and on her Facebook Page.

    In 2016 Nicky founded Discover Your Bounce Publishing, to help other budding authors publish their books in a straightforward way.

  • Speaker.

    Nicky is a regular speaker, having held keynotes both in the UK and overseas to a variety of audiences. As well as speaking for networking organisations, for the NHS including Great Ormond Street and at National conferences and events, Nicky has spoken at the Novartis Institute and Harvard in Boston and at the Women Economic Forum in New Delhi. If you’d like Nicky to share her story and wisdom you can contact her directly at