About Discover Your Bounce ®

Discover Your Bounce is a 6 part programme to support and guide individuals, entrepreneurs and companies to bounce back in their business life, school life or life in general! Nicky has combined experiences from her time as a Management Accountant with her Holistic knowledge and mixed in a little personal experience to create a programme that will transform your life and your business. Discover Your Bounce combines positive thinking techniques, meditation and breathing exercises as well as planning and vision creation. The aim is to look after your energy and help you be the best version of your yourself.

Why "Discover Your Bounce"?

Nicky has been working in holistic therapy and wellbeing for 18 years now and has a passion for helping people to love their life.

Towards the end of 2012 there was a change in people’s awareness. It seemed as if more and more people were finding that life wasn't working, either through their health, their relationships or their work and money. Seeing this, Nicky began searching for a way of giving more help to more people.

Holistic therapies such as Reiki are great, but people then go home to the life that is causing them stress. We have goals and aspirations in business and life – but where do we get the energy to change? Nicky wanted a more complete solution so she could help people to love their life.

Jump back a little to 2010 - Nicky had suffered a stroke and decided to take her own medicine to get well. A long journey later in early 2013 the lightbulb went on and Nicky realised she had the formula she had been seeking.

The Discover Your Bounce programme was born over several 3am lightbulb sessions – we’re not sure why this couldn’t have been during working hours! Anyway, Nicky started trialling her system with her existing clients and magic started to happen – quicker and in a more consistent way than ever before.

Everyone was helped, but in particular business people who needed to stay motivated, inspired and healthy to grow their own businesses. Within 2 weeks Nicky was finding that their life started to change – their health, the new customers that appeared and a greater vision for their business and life.

In 2014 Lianne, a Discover Your Bounce team member started to work with the Office of National Statistics. Over 6 weeks three groups of people attended, voluntarily in their lunch hours. They were a mix of men and women, varying ages and not particularly spiritually minded or used to meditating. The results were amazing, with people feeling happier, more inspired and full of ideas as to how they could improve their lives.

Who will benefit from Discover Your Bounce?

Do you have a stress related illness? Perhaps life has been challenging for you? Do you desire more customers or a more successful business? Perhaps you have so many ideas that you don’t know where to start?

Discover Your Bounce has been designed to help everyone as flexibility has been built in, however we have had particular success with business people who are stuck on their chosen career path, whether it's in self-employment or employment.

For more details about the programme or to get started head on over to our programmes page!

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Customer Testimonials

Nicky is a fabulous teacher and helps and guides you through everything that comes up during the course of the programme. I have learnt so much! Overall I am calmer, more engaged and happier than I was before.
- Kathryn King, Gracie Bows

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