About Nicky Marshall

Nicky specialises in helping you to “Discover Your Bounce!” This means working through current challenges whether that’s illness, stress or life changes like divorce or work changes. The goal when working together is to clear away the challenges and learn a new way of being that fires up your own intuition and gives you tools to achieve greater energy and wellbeing.

Nicky started her career in finance and trained to be a Management Accountant before working for 5 years as Company Accountant. Through her personal wellbeing she discovered holistic therapy and discovered a passion for sharing her knowledge.

In 2010 she suffered and stroke after a diving accident: her left side was affected and driving her car, running her coffee shop and even crossing the road became a challenge.

Nicky decided to use all the knowledge she had learned, using meditation, positive thinking and holistic therapies to heal her body. In 2013 Nicky was declared fit to dive again and today feels fitter and happier than ever before!

Nicky's knowledge of all things energetic is truly inspiring and anyone who spends time with her will testify to her magnetic and cheerful personality. Her experience in the Holistic field allows her to help those she works with on a personal and business level to achieve their goals and dreams. Her business and accounting experience gives her the knowledge and grounding to make the path to success a realistic one.

Whether you're recovering from illness, pushing through a set back or just find you've lost your mojo in life Nicky can help through 1:1 mentoring, workshops or holistic courses.

About Discover Your Bounce

Discover Your Bounce is a 6 part programme to support and guide entrepreneurs and companies to bounce back in their business. Nicky has combined experiences from her time as a Management Accountant with her Holistic knowledge and mixed in a little personal experience to create a programme that will transform your life and your business.

Discover Your Bounce combines positive thinking techniques, meditation and breathing exercises as well as planning and vision creation. The aim is to look after your energy and help you be the best version of your yourself.

Discover Your Bounce Online

Fed up of feeling tired, uninspired and stuck in life? Discover Your Bounce Online to unlock your energy, fire up your passion and bounce your way to success!

Customer Testimonials

Nicky is a fabulous teacher and helps and guides you through everything that comes up during the course of the programme. I have learnt so much! Overall I am calmer, more engaged and happier than I was before.
– Kathryn King, Gracie Bows

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