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We have been running events in the wellbeing sector for over 10 years. Always delivering value and support to attendees who often become increasingly attached to the Bounce approach and advocating the principles we share.  Below is a list of upcoming events specifically targetting those running businesses and/or teams who might want a little flavour of what we offer before jumping on board.

My Wellbeing Club - Access to Weekly Workshops Pass

One Month Pass
At Your Laptop
Presented by Discover Your Bounce For Business

If you are interested in wellbeing, or have already attended one of our courses how would you like a ticket to ALL of our weekly workshops this month? From building resilience, to increasing your happiness, tips on writing a book, meditation and building physical wellbeing. You can attend every workshop, or watch the recordings at your leisure! You will also get:

  • Your copy of My Wellbeing Starter Kit (value £36)
  • Expert Interviews
  • Private Facebook group
  • A monthly accountability/goal setting call
  • Reduced price mentoring.

All for £30 - less than the price of a massage or haircut!

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How to Build Resilience and Thrive!

29th July 2020 1pm - 1.45pm
At Your Laptop
Free to attend
Presented by Discover Your Bounce For Business

To be successful we have been told to work hard, to follow a logical path and to strive, but if that was the route to success why are 1 in 4 people suffering a mental health challenge and why were over 17 million days lost to stress last year?

We are now in unprecedented times, where financial strain and remote working have created a mass change. Wellbeing is more of a focus than ever and businesses are learning to build strategies to incorporate this into their culture.

In this presentation we share some easy and quick ways for you to boost your physical and mental health, while planning a life you love.

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Unlock Your Potential With Emotional Intelligence

19th August 2020 1pm - 1.45pm
At Your Laptop
Presented by Discover Your Bounce For Business

Do you want to learn more about Emotional Quotient (EQ)?

In this workshop you will learn the basics of EQ and how being self aware can improve your relationships.

This workshop is included in My Wellbeing Club membership and a recording will be available to members.


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