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If you are passionate about ensuring the wellbeing of your team and are looking for ways to build resilience, improve engagement, reduce absenteeism, optimise performance and reduce attrition but don't know where to start...We can help.

We have developed a range of programmes that start with a quick fix and progress to get to the heart of the matter – the need for happy, resilient staff. Organisations the world over are adopting wellbeing strategies in response to the biggest epidemic to hit business in 50 years: Stress.

Conversation Starters

Whether you have an existing wellbeing strategy or you don’t know where to start, we have a suite of products and services to support your objectives covering our key themes of mind, body, spirit and vision.

  • Lunch & Learn

    Invite Team Bounce to your organisation to share sleep tips, health quizzes, mindfulness colouring in and expert advice.

  • Wellbeing Pop-up

    Get your wellbeing conversation started, with presentations from our experts. Choose from Meditation and Mindfulness, Happiness and Sleep, Emotional Intelligence, Culture and Values, Menopause and more.

“I love these sessions with Nicky & Sharon. When life rockets along at 100mph, having the opportunity to take time out of my day to learn reminders and tips for my personal wellbeing is hugely valuable.

Holly Rathbone-Ward, Business Owner

Employee Wellbeing Programme

The organisation may be facing challenges around staff retention, absenteeism or a change in culture may be required.

Our Engage programme consists of 12 workshops providing real, long term team changes - choose from a one-off event or combine four sessions for an impactful transformation day. Topics include our lunch and learn subjects, however each workshop is a 90 minute, in depth practical session with activities, company specific discussions and take-away techniques.

Want to help a team member...?

Whether someone is returning to work after a period of absence, or starting with the company on boarding process, you may want to support them with extra resources.

The Bounce Programme is an in depth personal development tool that boosts energy and confidence, available as an online programme or in person with one of our mentors.

Continuous Wellbeing Development

As a busy HR professional, creating, running and reporting on wellbeing activities can take a great deal of time, especially when balancing wellbeing with the rest of your staff responsibilities.

We are your wellbeing partner! Everything from board reporting and strategy to a programme of events. We can work with your team to provide a year long, 360 solution covering your your wellbeing needs, with additional consulting and feedback as required.

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Book a keynote

Why not ask us to share our thought leadership and inspiration at one of your events?

Are you looking for a speaker that offers something a bit different for your internal professional development seminar, exhibition or conference?

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