Are you helping your team to be the best they can be?

Sickness and absence affects the bottom line, with stress being the number one reason.

There are ever increasing demands on businesses in a noisy marketplace and employers look to their teams for more productivity, less cost and more profit.

So what is the solution?

Whilst there is no quick fix, it is acknowledged that action is needed by businesses in order to retain staff and attract top talent. Most newly qualified graduates today place holiday days and corporate social responsibility above salary in their list of requirements for a job. Even long serving staff are increasingly finding stress too much and seeking out alternative employment.

The solution has to be simple, effective and long lasting – changes in values and culture take time and if new methods aren’t reinforced and adopted as daily routines they are quickly forgotten.

Perhaps your organisation is struggling with absenteeism and engagement?

Maybe stress means your team isn't performing at its best?

Certainly you are passionate about ensuring the wellbeing of your team and are looking for ways to improve engagement, reduce absenteeism, optimise performance and reduce attrition.


We can help.

A few endorsements

Our aim is to become your long term wellbeing partner, providing practical solutions to your people challenges, focusing on the four key areas of Mind, Body, Spirit and Vision.

We all felt that the session was both inspiring and engaging and we certainly had a bounce in our step following it! I would highly recommend this session.

Sarah Sanderscott, Curtis Banks

We realise that a business needs to function to make money, but most employers are also passionate about their people. Our range of options allow you to choose the best solution for your organisation.

Why choose a Discover your Bounce programme?

  • Flexible delivery methods to suit your organisation

  • Practical and solution focused activities

  • Support from our team throughout

  • Material you can use more than once

  • A structured and measurable system – so you can see the difference!

  • No pain! Immediate focus on positive outcomes

  • Real life solutions evolved from group experiences

  • Our energetic and positive team

  • Easy to adopt – implement change straight away

Next step...

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