How can you help your people start each day ready for action?

We all have a home life and a business life, sometimes people feel like they have done a day's work before they arrive at the office!

Do your team arrive stressed from their commute? Struggle with the transition from home to work? Suffer from an afternoon slump? Get to work early to avoid the traffic?

We can provide a practical, enjoyable session full of easy techniques and inspiration to start the day energised and ready for work.

A typical Wake Up & Bounce session:

  • 7.30 am

    Arrive and help yourself to breakfast while we introduce the session

  • 8.00am

    Hear from our expert speaker

  • 8.30am

    Group discussion or activity on the session theme

  • 9.00am

    Head off to your desk!

Note: We can adapt the timings of these sessions to fit with your organisation and choose topics in line with your current strategy.

Need Help?

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Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Looking for other solutions?

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Arrange a series of interactive motivational talks focussing on Mind, Body, Spirit and Vision.

Run your own internal programme for a week with resources, downloads and activities supplied.