Introducing The Bounce Programme

Let’s be honest, 21st century living can be hard! There are more demands on our time and energy than ever before – it’s been said that we are seven times busier than our grandparents!

We work while raising our children, learn while travelling, we are constantly connected to a buzz of noise via text, e-mail, social media and other gadgets…is it any wonder that sometimes it all gets too much?

When Director Nicky suffered a stroke in 2010 there were some key focus points that enabled her full recovery:

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Having a strong vision

The Bounce Programme became her way of helping others find their own strength, or Bounce! To date thousands have benefitted from the techniques she herself used for complete recovery, from busy employees, entrepreneurs and parents.

Choose which way you'd like to Bounce.

Our programme is designed as the perfect re-set button. You can take stock, sit back, take a breath and work out what a wonderful life would look like. Our tried and tested, six part programme combines modern science and ancient wisdom, giving you a blueprint for a healthy, happy you!

  • Online

    Work through the programme at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

  • Personal Mentoring

    Choose from six, one hour sessions or a VIP day and work through the programme with encouragement and accountability from one of our mentors.

  • Bounce Boosts

    This one hour taster session will help you to get energised and to decide if the full programme would work for you.

Since starting work with Nicky on the ‘Discover your Bounce’ programme, I can say with confidence that I have seen improvement in all areas of my life. 

Working through the programme in a structured way makes everything so clear and manageable, and easy to apply to your life without feeling overwhelmed. Our one hour session each week is a haven of calm where I can assess the changes I have made and their impact. Just being ‘aware’ makes such difference!

Katherine, Bristol

Course Content

Each week focuses on a different aspect of life, for example where you are and where you would like to be, your energy, your decisions, your routines and your challenges. The visualisations are for relaxation and focus and the handbook allows you to track your progress and note your thoughts.


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