A unique personal development event providing inspiration for
change-seekers in Bristol!

Book your place today to hear from 8 leading local personal development speakers who Walk their Talk and share their individual stories and top tips for taking at least one step toward making positive change.

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What does it take to make that change?

Would you like to:

  • Flourish through change?
  • Master the law of attraction?
  • Eat lovely food without feeling like you're missing out?
  • Build your entrepreneurial mindset?
  • Thrive without anxiety?
  • Overcome grief?
  • Create a life you love?

Sometimes we know what we want but don't know where to start...or we know something is missing or wrong, but we can't quite work out what!

We would love you to join us for a whole day of inspiring speakers, who, by sharing their own stories of how they made significant change are passionate about encouraging you to do the same, with tips, techniques and awareness.

Our experts have been chosen as they walk their talk. They have first hand knowledge of how to make that change...and they are ready to share it with you!

Our aim is that by the end of the day you are energised, positive and ready to make that one change that will make all the difference to you.

Our Speakers

Our experts have been chosen because they have first hand knowledge of how to make that change...
and they are ready to share it with you!

Rhian Sherrington

"How to Flourish not Flounder through change"

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When human beings start to desire change in their current experience of life and work, it's not uncommon for significant challenges to get in the way. Rhian is passionate about enabling others to flourish, assisting their growth & personal insight so they can navigate a successful path forwards in their career and life, attuned to, and inspired by, what is truly important to them.


As every person's needs are different, Rhian combines a wide variety of modalities in her coaching programmes, including practices from mindfulness meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and embodiment, with tools from neuroscience and positive psychology.


Rhian's personal journey has taken her from teaching A'Level Geography on Isle of Arran, leading expeditions to Northern Pakistan, being a Government Adviser on sustainable travel and Senior Manager for a UK environmental charity. In establishing her own coaching and training company 4 years ago, Rhian made her most rewarding (and most challenging) career transition yet. As well as being an Accredited Certified Coach with International Coach Federation, Rhian is an award winning and best selling author, juggles her business with being a mother to two, and founded 'Women in Sustainability', a network for women creating positive change for a sustainable future.

Andy Workman

"Coincidence? I don't think so!"

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Andy is a solution focused hypnotherapist. Psychotherapist, speaker and author of his new book “Cavemen and Polar Bears – a proven strategy for the effective management of your mood and mindset”. His message is full of facts, humour and plenty of real life examples of how to manage your own wellbeing. With him, you’ll discover what causes stress, anxiety or depression and just how easy it is to look after your own mental and physical health in three simple steps, that will guarantee results. Over 90% of those attending his presentations have said they would recommend them to family, friends and colleagues – come and find out why.

Nick Elston on Microphone - The Anxiety Guy

Nick Elston

"How to Make Stickable Change"

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On a mission to promote positive mental health - to help people who suffer from anxiety, low self esteem & low confidence - and empowering people to step into the life of their choosing - both personally and in business.

Mark Brimson

"Walking the
Road of Grief"

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Mark is Company Director of Payment First, Bristol born and bred and one of Bristol Rovers’ most avid fans.

Ten years ago Mark’s life changed forever when his wife, Gloria died from complications after brain surgery. Unable to deal with the enormity of the situation Mark embarked on a life changing journey which he will share.

On her tenth anniversary Mark decided that unless he drew a line in the sand Glo may well take him with her…and his true healing journey began.

 Nicky Marshall

"Bringing It All Together - the Bounce Way!"


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Nicky has a unique talent for breaking down the barriers that hold you back in life and giving you the confidence, energy and passion to live the life of your dreams.


After suffering a stroke and fully recovering within 3 years, Nicky walks her talk and can hold your hand through your ‘bouncing back’ process.  Nicky is the Founder of Discover Your Bounce, delivering health and happiness programmes for entrepreneurs and organisations. Nicky has 11 books in publication including ‘Rescued By The Coastguard’.  She is a regular speaker, passionate about creating more wellbeing in everyday life.

Nicky has passion in buckets, she loves to inspire, she gives great hugs and she’s a good listener. Nicky’s knowledge, knack for stress-busting and infectious laugh is a favourite combination with entrepreneurs aiming for success.

Darren Clark

"The Secrets of an Entrepreneurial Mindset "

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Darren’s dyslexia has always enabled him to find different ways of getting around problems, and he sees everyday life in pictures and stories. Darren will share some of his business success stories and give you an insight into how you too can create your own stories to increase your business and personal profile

Darren Clark is one of the co-founders of the Spotless Group, which currently consists of one Commercial Cleaning company, one Domestic Cleaning company, and a leafleting company. These three companies have grown hugely in success and they are also in the process of launching a fourth exciting company that will help all manner of SME's establish themselves more firmly within the world of social media.

Darren's roots come firmly from a Retail Management background, having worked from a mere teenage trolley collector to his final post as an area manager. With ambition, drive and complete hard work Darren started the initial company Spotless Spaces, just five years ago with a bag of leaflets, enthusiasm and an unrivalled belief in great customer service. Today his success speaks for itself, with many public speaking invitations and a fantastic public profile, his passion for business is unique.

Claire Stone

"Food and Life: Why All the Strife?"


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Claire Stone might be a nutritionist, but she isn't a food dictator.

She helps people understand what they need to be fit, healthy, productive and creative: especially useful for busy peeps. Claire helps them look after their most important business tool (their brains) in a way that is efficient, effective and easy.

What's more, Claire won't make you feel guilty for liking the foods you love to eat - her approach is all about how to make small changes for big effects, while still eating the things that make you smile.

Laura Barnett

Event MC


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Laura is all about Freedom To Live! She's been running her own business(es) since 2007; after 10 years in marketing and design she was looking for something that would offer her the opportunity to have the freedom and independence she craved. Being self-employed was the only way she could lead the life she wanted with the flexibility to support her family at a moment's notice.  She needed to be in control.

Laura met Nicky in 2013 and embarked on the Discover Your Bounce Programme which helped her to change her thinking, increase her motivation and design a life to her own ideals. The profound impact of Discover your Bounce was so great, and aligned with Laura's philosophy that the logical step was to become a director and help others to find the freedom to live their lives too!

Limited Availability

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What to expect on the day...

9.00-9.30             Registration / Coffee / Networking
9.30- 9.45            Welcome
9.45-10.30           Rhian Sherrington
10.30-11.15        Andy Workman

11.15-11.30        ---Break---

11.30-12.15        Darren Clark
12.15-1.00          Mark Brimson

1.00-2.00          ---Lunch---

2.00-2.45           Claire Stone
2.45-3.30           Nick Elston

3.30-3.45           ---Break---

3.45-4.30           Discover Your Bounce / Close
4.30-5.00           Networking and Q&A


The Venue

The Space 
Keynsham Library
Market Walk
BS31 1FS

PARKING: Free at Ashton Way Car Park

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"To say thank you so much for today, it was great - we all really enjoyed it, felt instantly relaxed [...] and could relate with everything you said - lots of practical tips, great insights and advice on how to view things...lots now to mull over!!"

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