Ami Marshall - Bristol

After being diagnosed with endometriosis at 22 and undergoing a series of surgeries, Ami dedicated her life to exploring complementary routines, therapies and a diet that would help her overcome chronic pain and get back to the life she loved. While she is still on that journey, she is now living almost completely pain free and runs the Endo Goddess blog where she shares her experiences to help other women with endometriosis and chronic pain to thrive.

Aside from being an avid cat meme lover, Ami is a key part of the Discover Your Bounce team, bringing a no nonsense approach and a scrutinising eye for grammar!

Carol Massey - Bristol

Carol trained as a counsellor, psychologist and hypnotherapist before moving into a more hands on approach to therapy by retraining. Carol provides an holistic approach to healing mind, body and spirit, combining holistic massage and reflexology therapies, as well as Pranic Healing to give her clients a complete range of holistic treatments.

Wanting to help more people to reach their potential, Carol trained as a Discover Your Bounce Ambassador in November 2016. This enables her to help people to dispel stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, thus bringing more wellness and energy in their everyday life.

She believes a holistic approach to our everyday lifestyle challenges is essential. There is no 'one size fits all': you are unique after all!