Official Wellbeing Provider
for TEDx Bristol 2/3 November 2017

Visit our Mind, Body, Spirit and Vision area on the day.

Discover Your Bounce is proud to be curating the dedicated wellbeing area at November's TEDx Bristol event at the Colston Hall. As you'd expect from us here at Bounce HQ we've got some interesting, thought-provoking and tangible activities going on that you can participate in on the day.

As a lover of TED I am so excited that we are the Curator of the TEDx Wellbeing area, providing a haven of calm and inspiration for visitors wanting to further enhance their experience! I invite you to join us, take a breath and dare to disrupt your own life in a positive way!

Nicky Marshall, Discover Your Bounce

 "I dare to disrupt because ... Every day we make assumptions and rely on received wisdom - I like challenging unhelpful 'best practice' and finding 'better practice'! There's always room for challenge, improvement and break-through thinking - and I hope that's what this year's speakers will demonstrate by the bucket-load!"

Mel Rodrigues, TEDx Bristol


The amazing TEDx speakers will give you plenty to think about on the day and perhaps you would like a place to sit and reflect for a while? Or maybe you will be so inspired you want to start making your own life changes straight away?
Either way - come and see us on the top floor of the Colston Hall during the event, and join in with the amazing activities we have going on.

We are passionate about creating health and happiness one person at a time - so do come and say hello!
  • Disruptive Workshops

    We have a timetable of ‘disrupting’ mini workshops both days. There are two in each break and they are 10-15 minutes long.

  • Make a Wish

    If you want to create your own change join us in our visioning area and commit your changes to our visioning wall.

  • Reflection

    Fancy some peace? Do some mindfulness colouring in with us too, or take the opportunity to journal your ideas.

  • Taster Therapies

    We will have a range of taster therapies, posture checks, relaxing hypnotherapy and even some Virtual Reality seats to allow you to escape!

Free Frisbee!!

As an added incentive we have a prize draw and some giveaway frisbees
(although not to be used in the auditorium of course!)


Our soapbox slots our designed to allow people to share their passions about what makes them happy! You're invited to join in between the main talks. They're only 10-15 minutes long- giving you plenty of time to grab a drink or pop to the facilities and still be back in the auditorium for the next keynote speaker!

Thursday 2nd November
Disruptive Body & Mind


11.25 Nick Elston
Disrupting Anxiety: Cold Processes

11.45 Laura Barnett
Work Life Balance: There’s No Such Thing!

13.10 Claire Stone
Willpower v Chocolate: Why Disruption Is Better Than Diet

13.30 Sarita Harrison
Chair Yoga: 15 Minutes to Balance Your Body & Free Your Mind

15.10 Rose Ritchings
Mind Body Brain: A Chiropractic Perspective

15.30 Joe Hoare

Friday 3rd November
Disruptive Creativity & Tech


11.25 Lucy Luton
Anxiety and the Egg

11.45 Victoria Casebourne
You Don’t Need Permission to Do it YOUR Way

13.15 Chloe Bayfield
How Do I Count My Stripes? A Mum’s Journey to Finding Value

13.35 Helen Farmer
My Battle To ‘Fit In’. How Can We Accelerate Diversity and Inclusion and Do It Differently?

15.00 Nicky Marshall
Why We Should Wake Up To Resilience

15.20 Sharon Critchlow
Redefining The Future Of Work

It's free to visit our area during the TEDx Event and there'll be plenty to see and do around the Colston Hall spaces while the Keynotes are happening.

But if you do want to see some of the great speakers appearing on the day covering subjects under the Dare To Disrupt theme then you can book online here.


There are a few people without whom we would not have been able to put on this great event. So big thanks go to:

We are passionate about
creating health and happiness
one person at a time!

Come and say hello!

TEDx Bristol Wellbeing Area curated by: