The courses provided for the Office of National Statistics have been wonderfully received by the staff. Each course has been oversubscribed with a continual waiting list of delegates wanting to attend further courses. Employees have reported feeling greater levels of happiness and satisfaction as well as greater levels of calm which enables them to deal with daily stresses in a much healthier way.

Rob - Business Support Manager for the Wellbeing Programme
Office of National Statistics

The impact that the courses had with the Social Services team was huge. We are experiencing lots of changes which have been hard on staff, however they were taught practical techniques which they are enjoying using to great effect in order to lower stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the staff really embraced the uniqueness of both the content and delivery of the courses.

Sian - Principal Officer Service Department
Bridgend County Council Wellbeing Directorate

Clare Davis
Nova Associates

I've just completed Nicky's Discover Your Bounce course, what a difference it has made! I'm thinking clearer, making better decisions and generally am enjoying my work again. Thank you Nicky - highly recommended!

Mark Brimson
Payment Solutions

Wow! Having known Nicky for many years, I have just completed her Discover Your Bounce course and can honestly say it has been a complete game-changer in my life. It has given me clarity, direction & has helped me hugely in addressing unresolved, life-long issues. A huge 'RATED' from me - amazing!

Nick Elston
KN Office Supplies

Nicky's Discover Your Bounce course has completely changed the way I think and how I approach everyday problems. I have so much more energy and positive thinking is just coming so naturally to me now. I thoroughly recommend either the 6 week course or the 1 day intensive. Thanks Nicky!

Tina Parker
Nozey Parkers

Since starting work with Nicky on the ‘Discover your Bounce’ programme, I can say with confidence that I have seen improvement in all areas of my life. Working through the programme in a structured way makes everything so clear and manageable, and easy to apply to your life without feeling overwhelmed. Our one hour session each week is a haven of calm where I can assess the changes I have made and their impact. Just being ‘aware’ makes such difference! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is thinking of attending the programme, but specific exercises like writing my own Mantras and recognising patterns in my energy, have really helped me to notice and connect with the world around me. I have had some amazing, creative ideas for my business, my finances and my relationships during the programme, and Nicky’s personal support has been invaluable. Nicky is a fabulous teacher and helps and guides you through everything that comes up during the course of the programme – and was really understanding when I fell behind with my homework! She is a ‘real’ person and understands that ‘real’ life often gets in the way of the best intentions - she just helps you get back on track! I have learnt so much – little tips and tricks that I can implement in certain situations, as well as bigger exercises (which take some practice to get right!). Overall, I am calmer, more engaged and happier than I was before. I can’t recommend this programme highly enough to anyone who would like to reconnect with their energy, make positive changes in their life and reap the benefits of Nicky’s support and experience.

Kathryn King
Kathryn King Designs

About Discover Your Bounce

Discover Your Bounce is a 6 part programme to support and guide entrepreneurs and companies to bounce back in their business. Nicky has combined experiences from her time as a Management Accountant with her Holistic knowledge and mixed in a little personal experience to create a programme that will transform your life and your business.

Discover Your Bounce combines positive thinking techniques, meditation and breathing exercises as well as planning and vision creation. The aim is to look after your energy and help you be the best version of your yourself.

Discover Your Bounce Online

Fed up of feeling tired, uninspired and stuck in life? Discover Your Bounce Online to unlock your energy, fire up your passion and bounce your way to success!

Customer Testimonials

Nicky is a fabulous teacher and helps and guides you through everything that comes up during the course of the programme. I have learnt so much! Overall I am calmer, more engaged and happier than I was before.
- Kathryn King, Gracie Bows