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Bounce Boost is an introductory session designed to get clear on where you are now and create the vision of your perfect life. Plus you'll learn quick and easy ways to boost your energy and feel better today!


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A Note From Nicky

“Okay, so you may be holding it all together and doing ok, but what if life could be wonderful, easy and fulfilling? What is the cost to you of not making the changes that would make this happen? So often we put others before our own needs, but then we have less energy to help the people we care about! Booking is easy – pay below and we will schedule your appointment in the next few days.

- Nicky Marshall, Discover Your Bounce Founder


What will I get?

  • Bounce Boost Session

    A session with Nicky to map out where you are and where you would like to be – these sessions can be over Skype or by phone – you decide!
    Value: £100

  • Quick Energy Techniques

    Energy boosting actions that you can implement right away!
    Value: £9.99

  • Personalised Report

    A full, written up report complete with actions and techniques we’ve recommended.
    Value: £25

  • Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group

    Access to our exclusive Facebook Community where we offer support, share tips and interesting articles as well as answer any questions you may have.
    Value: Priceless!


Is it time for a change?

Nicky’s Discover Your Bounce programme has completely changed the way I think and how I approach everyday problems. I have so much more energy and positive thinking is just coming so naturally to me now. I thoroughly recommend it! Thanks Nicky!

Tina Parker
Nozey Parkers

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Here's why people come to us:

Most of us are ok most of the time. However sometimes we get frustrated and busy and our health suffers as a result.

Often we choose big goals for our future, then get stressed with the target we’ve set ourselves, or we’re so busy we feel we’ll never get there!

It’s easy to lose our ‘get up and go’, then we don’t have the energy for our family, our business or ourselves.

Here's how people have described life afterwards:

“You keep me sane so I can get on with my business!”

“I've painted the front door, tidied the house and I still feel great!”

“I have to say I have more energy now than I've had for years!”


Benefits of a Bounce Boost

  • Take a snapshot of life as it is right now
  • Get clarity on where you would like it to be
  • Create a vision of your perfect life
  • Learn quick and easy techniques to boost your energy TODAY

Take a snapshot of life

Just because nothing is wrong doesn't mean everything is right. We look at each area of your life and where there are improvements to be made, even if you didn't realise it!

Gain clarity

When our dreams are in the future we don't always work out the fine print as we don't see it as real yet. By getting clear on what you want you can then plan how you're going to get there!

Create your perfect life

Laying on the beach all day is a dream for some and a nightmare for others, so what does your perfect life look like? What routines do you have, where do you spend your time and who with?

Learn quick & easy energy techniques

You can't build your dream life until you're firing on all cylinders, which means learning some quick tips to get your energy back to 100%. Small changes can have a big impact and we'll show you how!


What price would you put on happiness? How much would you pay for a clear mind and a business that you love? The total value of a Bounce Boost is £134.99, for this you get a session with Nicky and all the techniques you need to change your life today! For a limited period only we are offering Bounce Boost Sessions at £50! You still get everything above and can start your journey of self discovery and happiness. Book yours today!

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