You Can Survive Or You Can Thrive!

LianneFor my first blog as part of Discover Your Bounce in May I was asked to share my story on what lead me to join Discover Your Bounce, so here it is…

It is my view that in order to become a successful therapist who is able to help people make radical changes, you need to have experienced pain yourself. I am certainly no exception to this rule.

At the start of 2010, I was almost completely unrecognisable to the person who I am today. In fact I was completely unrecognisable to the person I was when I was 18 too. I had completely and utterly lost myself.

Having suffered a traumatic birth, a harrowing miscarriage, a failed adoption, several career changes, an unhealthy marriage, redundancy, financial problems, abuse, I found myself in 2010 a shell of the girl I once was. Of course, each of these incidents could be a novel in themselves but truth is, I have no inclination to expand on any subject, which is great for me as I have spent so much time dissecting each one of them in the past and yet I no longer find this necessary.

Sometime during 2010, I went for lunch with a friend and he asked me what my dreams were. A simple question you may think? Well actually, no! One of the most difficult questions I had been asked for a long time. You see in the past ten years, I had experienced extreme sadness, loss and disappointment. I had therefore concluded that it was safer not to have dreams and plans as they would never come true anyway.

During a series of events and some amazing true friendships, I made the decision in 2010 to change my life forever, to rediscover who I was and to start dreaming once again. I changed every single part of me over the coming year; my home, my relationships, my finances, my outlook, my career and much more.

I made it my mission that I would take everything that had happened to me and use it to make me stronger and happier. You see, when bad things happen to us most people feel like we have two options: we sink or we swim. I believe there is always a third option, we can thrive! This became my mission.

Over the coming years, I reacquainted myself with the girl I had once been when I was 18 and it turns out I really liked her! I began to embrace my spirituality, learned about crystals and crystal healing as well as Tarot. Little by little, I pieced myself back together and miraculous things started happening. I fell in love with a man who adores me for being me and encourages me on a daily basis to be the best I can possibly be, he made me believe I could achieve anything. I found a gorgeous new home in a new town that enabled me and my daughter to feel safe and happy.

I then decided to become attuned to Reiki and went on a course with Nicky Marshall from Holistic Insights and within days of doing my level one studies everything began making sense to me and I knew that I was meant to help others. I enrolled on further courses and became a certified crystal healer, a practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), an Indian Head and Face Masseuse and a Meditation Teacher.

Last September, having completed Reiki level II, I started my own practice offering treatments and realised instantly that I thoroughly love helping people to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

As the practice grew, I began speaking with Nicky about her product, Discover Your Bounce and it made perfect sense to me that this product would fit neatly within my own business. Discover Your Bounce is an incredible programme offering real tools and activities to make immense changes in people’s lives.

However, I also wanted to use my corporate skills from my ‘previous life’ where I had once been a HR Manager and also ran my own accountancy practice. I therefore, took Discover Your Bounce into large companies and began working with groups of people to make huge changes.

Since then, I have developed other products and courses such as ‘Happiness Is The Key To Success’ encouraging individuals to take ownership of their lives and to be happy. In fact, one part of this course focuses upon how you can thrive when adversity strikes!

I have calculated that since September last year, I have directly helped over 150 individuals, 2014 has already been an amazing year for me both professionally and personally, as I have also got engaged! But the remainder of 2014 is going to be mind blowing, the plans I have for the business really excite me and I am already booked to deliver 18 further corporate training courses going well into the end of the year.

For the first time in eighteen years I can hand on heart say I am completely living my truth, I keep only the people who are good for me in my life, I let go of anger, I let go of resentment, I let go of any past hurts and forgive those involved. I am far from perfect and still feel all of those negative emotions, but I strive to thrive on a daily basis.

I am grateful every day that I am living such a blessed life.

If like me, you’ve suffered through a traumatic story and want to start on the path to recovery you can find out more about the Discover Your Bounce programme here.

I welcome your comments, thoughts and stories below.

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