Growing Your Creative Superpower 

Creativity as a route to survival may not feel very comfortable. In times of upheaval such as in 2020 we often fall back on what we know, as a crutch to support our thinking and help us find a way through. Whilst our past experiences may offer a framework or approach to finding a solution…

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woman with smiley balloon

Emotional Spring Cleaning

It’s March and we have already seen the sunshine poking through the clouds. It is time to clean out our clutter, get ourselves beach fit and get out into the world. As Spring emerges, I love letting go of winter in a physical way by clearing out a cupboard or emptying my car, but there…

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The Power of the Mantra

The origin of mantras The word mantra comes from the 18th century, meaning literally ‘a thought. A thought behind speech or action’. Its everyday use comes from the Indian Vedic tradition – a word or sound repeated to aid concentration, meditation or prayer. Recently, Group Director Nicky Marshall spent 3 weeks touring India. Part of which…

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journaling and EQ

Journaling, EQ and striving towards a better life

Journaling your way to happiness The Future of Jobs report by the World Economic Forum placed Emotional Intelligence or EQ at number 6 in the top 10 skills we will need in 2020 for us to thrive. For good reason. EQ is the “capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between…

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Tea Happiness – Volunteering For Better Mental Health

Volunteering your time can help you with your mental health. By giving up your time to help those less fortunate or those working towards a brighter future can have an effect on your own happiness. It allows you to gain a sense of purpose if you have previously isolated yourself due to mental ill-health. You…

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Nurture Your Creative Self – Find A Creative You !

Do you have a to-do list?  So much of our lives are governed by what we feel we have to do. Family and work commitments are clearly important, but do you also nurture your creative self? Do you even know how to access your creativity? Before you say you are not creative and you don’t…

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