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If you are passionate about ensuring the wellbeing of your team and are looking for ways to build resilience, improve engagement, reduce absenteeism, optimise performance and reduce attrition but don’t know where to start… we can help.

We are your Wellbeing Partner! Everything from board reporting and strategy to creating a tailored programme of events. We can work with your team to cover all of your wellbeing needs with additional consulting and feedback as required.

Whether you have an existing wellbeing strategy or don’t know where to start, we have a suite of products and services to support your objectives covering our key themes of mind, body, spirit and vision. We have developed a range of programmes to get to the heart of the matter – the need for happy, resilient staff.

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Our services

  • Bespoke consultation and creation of wellbeing strategies
  • Delivery of online webinars and workshops – live and pre-recorded. Our workshop series can be found HERE
  • Mental Health training courses. Our training courses can be found HERE
  • Online academy of resources, including a wellbeing starter kit with individual access and progression. See our stress busting video HERE
  • International Speakers on wellbeing topics. Take a look at our speakers pages HERE
  • Individual mentoring for personal development and for assisting in return to work scenarios

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Why invest in wellbeing for your organisation?

According to the Stevenson / Farmer Review (October 2017)

  • There is a large annual cost to employers of between £33 billion and £42 billion. Over half of this cost comes from presenteeism  (when individuals are less productive due to poor mental health in work) with additional costs from sickness absence and staff turnover.
  • The cost of poor mental health to the Government is between £24 billion and £27 billion. This includes costs in providing benefits, falls in tax revenue and costs to the NHS.
  • The cost of poor mental health to the economy as a whole is more than both of those together from lost output, at between £74 billion and £99 billion per year.

In this 2017 report there was a national focus on productivity. The conclusion was that it is in the interest of both employers and Government to prioritise and invest far more in improving mental health.

The reports findings

“Deloitte’s analysis of the case studies where investments have been made in improving mental health show a consistently positive return on investment… a finding which is bolstered by a number of academic meta-studies which demonstrate the benefits of good work for mental health and key workplace enablers. As this review is going to press, the Lancet has also published findings from a study in the Australian Fire Service which found that a manager mental health training programme could lead to a significant reduction in work-related sickness absence, with an associated return on investment of £9.98 for each pound spent on such training.”

Since the start of the Covid- 19 pandemic the call from staff for more wellbeing structure and support is growing. The Independent reported on 5th December 2020 that the proportion of people applying for a fit note from the GP for mental health reasons “jumped by 6 per cent during lockdown” in England. This suggests that the need for wellbeing in the workplace has never been stronger.

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