The Engage! Programme

This is our flagship programme, consisting of twelve, 1.5 hour sessions on the themes of mind, body, spirit and vision. We cover practical subjects such as sleep, nutrition and hydration, informative sessions on brain function, mindfulness and meditation, creative sessions that engender innovative thinking and improved happiness and finally vision and goal setting sessions.

How it works

The Engage! programme has been designed for flexibility of delivery and progressive learning to increase self awareness and trigger mindset change for improved wellbeing.
There are 12 programme modules split across Mind, Body, Spirit and Vision.

  • Choice of 3 progressive levels

    Each module has a brief introductory session, a more routine forming session and an in-depth understanding of long-term application.

  • Flexible delivery options

    Each session is 1hr long and can be presented independently or part of a longer 1 day event.

  • Interactive worksheets

    All sessions feature materials for repeat use and personal reference

  • Practical Tools & Techniques

    Every session includes a practical element of participation for instigating a change in behaviour

The 12 Modules

  • Mind

    Mental Calm & Resilience:

    1. Meditation
    2. Mindfulness
    3. Mental Health Awareness

  • Body

    Physical Fitness & Health:

    1. Nutrition
    2. Sleep
    3. Physical effects of Stress

  • Spirit

    Happiness & Contentment:

    1. Creativity
    2. Communications
    3. Importance of Reflection

  • Vision

    Goals & Taking Action:

    1. Goal setting
    2. Re-setting negative patterns
    3. Time Management

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