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Solving the worrying trend

Sickness and absence affects the bottom line, with stress being the number one attributed cause. But how can you help your team be the best they can be whilst still maintaining profitability?

Whilst there is no quick fix, it is acknowledged that action is needed by businesses in order to retain staff and attract top talent. Most newly qualified graduates today place holiday allowance and corporate social responsibility above salary in their list of requirements for a job. Even long serving staff are increasingly finding stress overwhelming and seeking out alternative employment.

The solution has to be simple, effective and long lasting. However, changes in company values and culture can take time and if new methods aren’t reinforced and adopted as daily routines, they are quickly forgotten.

The facts

Bounce programmes are for you if...

  • You would like your staff to be happier and more resilient, but have no current wellbeing strategy and don’t know where to start.

    We can help you put your initial ideas into a long term plan. We work with SME’s and large organisations as well as having our own experiences of running a business so we feel your pain.

  • You know you want to support your staff but funds are limited.

    Get in touch! We have a range of starter options and free resources so that you can start helping your staff straight away.

    As two ex accountants we can also help write your business case, making it easier to get future funding and measure ROI.

  • You have some wellbeing strategies in place, but are in need of new ideas and a fresh approach.

    We are always innovating and our range of products are diverse, deep reaching and span the whole wellbeing spectrum. Focusing on an area like mental health is great, but working on mind, body, spirit and vision provides a longer term, thorough solution that will lead to happier people and a healthy bottom line.

Flexible options to suit all budgets

Progressive, flexible workshops to embed wellbeing and engagement into your organisation.

An energising, informative introductory seminar with an engaging format, held at your offices.

A tailored daily programme run in-house by you to energise your staff. We supply all the materials and training you need.

A two hour or full day programme of wellbeing activities in a public space within your organisation.

Want help developing a business case?

We offer a free, one-hour no obligation consultation to help you understand how our programmes can be tailored for your organisations needs and challenges.

One of our team members will contact you within 48hrs to discuss your options.

Benefits of a Bounce Programme

  • Flexible delivery methods to suit your organisation

  • Practical and solution focused activities

  • Support from our team throughout

  • Material you can use more than once

  • A structured and measurable system – so you can see the difference!

  • No pain! Immediate focus on positive outcomes

  • Real life solutions evolved from group experiences

  • Our energetic and positive team

  • Easy to adopt – implement change straight away

Free Resources

Wellbeing Tips

There are some very quick and easy ways to promote wellbeing in your office, that go beyond the usual fruit bowls, monthly massage visits and gym memberships. This poster might just help remind your team how they can help themselves too! Pop it on a wall in the canteen, lift or even toilets!

  • Got a question? Get in touch...

    Arrange a free consultation to design a flexible solution to fit your organisation’s needs.
    One of our team members will contact you within 48hrs to discuss your options

    Nicky Marshall:  07760 483851 |

    Sharon Critchlow: 07775 930157  |

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