My Wellbeing Club


Are you feeling fatigue from the constant changes? Having trouble sleeping? Do you dream of having the momentum to get exercising, being more productive and having tip top wellbeing? Then My Wellbeing Club is for you!

Each month you will get:

  • Weekly workshops, recorded to re-watch at your leisure
  • My Wellbeing online programme
  • Private FB group to interact with fellow club members and get support
  • Monthly accountability and progress calls on Zoom
  • Expert Interviews
  • A pool of wellbeing resources

All for just £30 per month!

To find out more and join email

A suite of resources that provide a foundation for personal development and corporate wellbeing.

Let's face it - life is busy! Is it good busy or bad busy?

Good busy puts a smile on your face, keeps you healthy and gives life a purpose. Bad busy hurts your physical and mental health, disrupts your hormones and sleep and if unchecked can lead to more serious problems.

Change can seem impossible when you are already stressed and overwhelmed...but we have broken the process down into small, step by step actions to make it easy!


Buy all 3 items together to support your complete Wellbeing progress.

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when you buy the bundle!

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“I am very pleased with the course, very useful. You have made me happier.
Thank you !"

Marlene Wolf