Giving your team a boost

If you are just starting to talk about wellbeing with your staff, or fancy a bit of a top up then a Wake Up & Bounce session is the perfect place to start!

This can be run as a Breakfast session, a Lunch & Learn or even a ‘Cake Up & Bounce’ which we have delivered recently! These interactive, group sessions get to the heart of your wellbeing challenges and start to create practical solutions. Topics can be high level or working with a specific issue, for example employee engagement, resilience, diversity or transformation.

A typical Wake Up & Bounce session:

  • Introduction

    A brief outline of our methodology and ethos around wellbeing and its importance in the workplace

  • Discussion

    A chance for your team to discuss current challenges and make suggestions as to what would be ideal

  • Solution

    Sharing of principles that relate to your challenges and discuss the practicality of options available

  • Plan

    Create an actionable plan that the team can take forward, supported by us where appropriate

Note: We can adapt the timings of these sessions to fit with your organisation and choose topics in line with your current strategy.

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Want help developing a business case?

We offer a free, one-hour no obligation consultation to help you understand how our programmes can be tailored for your organisations needs and challenges.

One of our team members will contact you within 48hrs to discuss your options.

Looking for other solutions?

Explore other activities available for your team wellbeing programme.

Arrange a series of interactive motivational talks focussing on Mind, Body, Spirit and Vision.

Run your own internal programme for a week with resources, downloads and activities supplied.

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