Run your own
5 day wellbeing programme

Many organisations choose a wellbeing week to boost staff morale, increase health awareness or as a thank you for recent contributions. Our resources pack focuses on increasing health, reducing stress and boosting energy and engagement levels over four key areas, Mind, Body, Spirit and Vision.

We can arrange a variety of sessions that fit in with your current wellbeing topics, the time you have available and the number of staff you would like us to work with. Your Wellbeing Week could be part of your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, to kick-start a new culture or to respond to existing absenteeism challenges.

How it works

  • Daily challenges

    A focused activity each day around the topics of mind, body, spirit and vision – for example creating a ‘No Moan Zone’, adding more nutrition to your day and daily physical activities.

  • Run as an In-House Project

    Empower your staff to take control of their own wellbeing. We provide training and guidance for your team leaders by phone or Skype (site visits would be available for an additional fee).

  • Office Visuals

    Inspiration to pin up giving facts and suggestions around nutrition, goal setting and other relevant topics, on the wall to refer to often.

  • Re-usable Activities

    Everything we provide can be used more than once, or we can supply new materials for round two!

  • Audio Guided Meditations

    In stressful times it can be hard to know how to relax without adding to the overwhelm. Having some ready made relaxation tracks to choose from can help to improve sleep, unwind or boost energy levels.

  • Post Event Follow Up

    We provide feedback questionnaires to measure the impact of your activities and improve for next time!

Client Feedback

Want help developing a business case?

We offer a free, one-hour no obligation consultation to help you understand how our programmes can be tailored for your organisations needs and challenges.

One of our team members will contact you within 48hrs to discuss your options.

For additional impact, let our team visit you!

Add the following into your wellbeing week

Key interactive workshop sessions from our Engage! Programme

Run a breakfast session with inspirational talks from experts