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Our workshops are specifically designed to give people tools that they can use for the rest of their life to help them manage a variety of daily challenges including stress, overwhelm, feeling stuck, poor health or a crisis.

They include real-life stories and practical tips you can use immediately, to help you take at least one step toward making positive change.

2-Hour Mini Workshops

Every month we host a workshop to provide quick and easy fixes to challenges that people might be facing right now. Our most popular being 'The Busy Person's Toolkit to Taking Back Control'.

People who've attended this event still tell us they use techniques they learned more than 4 years later.

Make That Change - 1 day

Our annual flagship event brings together speakers from different walks of life who genuinely walk their talk and have valuable insights to share about particular challenges they have faced including grief, anxiety, nutrition, mental health and adversity. These days are designed to inspire you to make at least one change and give you a practical plan to walk away with and take action on.

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"To say thank you so much for today, it was great - we all really enjoyed it, felt instantly relaxed [...] and could relate with everything you said - lots of practical tips, great insights and advice on how to view things...lots now to mull over!!"

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