Positive Changes at Discover Your Bounce!

It seems only yesterday when we decided to make some company changes…how did six months pass so quickly!

When the first day of June appeared it came as quite a shock – how could it be summer already?

Discover Your Bounce is four years old and in that time we have helped thousands of people. Some have been business owners struggling with overwhelm, some have been employees handling the changes and stresses within a company and others have been would be authors in need of guidance and inspiration to get their book into the public arena. We have also run events and workshops, like our popular vision board workshop. I’ve had a string of speaking engagements which has been very exciting – and published my eleventh book, Rescued by the Coastguard.

At the end of every year, whilst getting festive and ridiculously excited about Christmas, I also look back at the year and forward to the next…what worked, what didn’t…and how can we do everything better?

I realised that Discover Your Bounce had become a melting pot of inspiration and activity, but to make everything clearer and easier for you Dear Reader – we should create three, distinct companies! No mean feat I hear you cry!

So after a few conversations and the odd sneaky breakfast we came to our conclusion – and here’s how we can help you!

Discover Your Bounce for You!

We help individuals and entrepreneurs to cope with the overwhelm and stress of a busy life. We introduce tried and trusted techniques through The Bounce Programme, our Vision Board Workshop and our Make That Change transformational events – all with you in mind. Together we can hatch a plan and create the inspiration for you to live the best and most loveable version of your life – today!

Myself and Laura Barnett are the directors – and we look forward to helping you to love your life!

Discover Your Bounce for Business

We help organisations and teams to create fantastic, stress busting environments where each person has a toolkit to help themselves and their colleagues. We run a series of twelve, group workshops on the subjects of Mind, Body, Spirit and Vision.

We launched the Engage! programme at the Bristol CIPD conference on wellbeing and have already helped organisations to create a wellbeing plan for their employees.

The Bristol Hotel have decided to gift one of their teams a day with us as a thank you for their hard work – how amazing is that!

Myself and Sharon Critchlow are the directors – both with a business background and a passion for change!

Discover Your Bounce Publishing

We quietly launched this company last year when Rescued by the Coastguard was launched, but this year we are helping more authors to create, publish and promote their books. We are specifically producing books for inspiration and education with our authors sharing their stories and their knowledge to help others, the way Discover Your Bounce has been doing.

Me again, but this time in partnership with Ami Marshall my daughter, who has been the technical force behind all of my books!

If you would like to find out more…

We still have our main page – www.discoveryourbounce.com where you can download our stress busting report and read all about us…although our publishing page will be coming in the autumn.

To start reducing stress today go here!

To create wellbeing for your organisation click here!

To book a ticket at our transformational Make That Change event click here!

To get your copy of Rescued by the Coastguard hop on over to Amazon.

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