The Missing Piece In Bouncing Back

The Missing Piece in Bouncing Back shares the stories of 24 different authors - the challenges and obstacles they faced and the methods they used to overcome them. The stories vary from mental and physical challenges to illness, loss and bullying and each of the authors has shared their own advice and tips to help you on your journey too.

The book was written to encourage and inspire anyone going through their own challenges - whether that's in the form of practical advice on how they handled situations or just a gentle whisper in the ear of "You can do this!"

No matter what your situation, you too can Discover Your Bounce.


An Everyday Witch

An Everday Witch Book CoverTabby loves her children and her dog very much, but she doesn't love her life. She is sure there must be more to it, a dimension of happiness that so far eludes her...

Read about Tabby's journey as step by step, the Universe gives her nudges - some painful and some joyous, that begin a transformation process. From an unhappy marriage, stress and illness Tabby learns and makes discoveries.

Then one day Tabby learns that she is a Psychic - and life changes forever!


One Hundred Tips To Love Your Life

One Hundred Tips To Love Your Life BookThis book is the perfect gift or companion to give inspiration wherever you are. Read a tip each day or pick one at random when you need a pick me up.

"I highly recommend this lovely book, it is full of those little gems that can heave you out of a misery pit if you let them, written in an easy to digest friendly way, everyone should have one of these on their bookshelves!"

"This is a great example of how a book does not have to be big to be a BIG book!"


Nicky has also contributed to...

The Missing Piece in Forgiveness

download27 amazing people came together to share how forgiveness helped them overcome impossible experiences. The Missing Piece in Forgiveness: Overcoming the Impossible is the 4th book in International Best-Selling Book Series: The Missing Piece. Showing such strength, these amazing 27 people overcame their pain showing warrior strength by forgiving all those who hurt them. These incredible people took a stand and shone their light on the world each in their own individual way, lifting others along the way and sharing how forgiveness can help you break free from the shackles of bitterness. This book is from our hearts to yours, and it was written with love from all of us to you.


Steering The Mothership: The Complexities Of Mothering

Steering The Mothership CoverThe stories in this book search beyond the glossy yummy-mummy images that bombard us every day, illustrating the real-life complexities of motherhood. They help every reader to understand their own journey, both as a child and as a mother, and help them investigate the single relationship that affects us most throughout our lives, whether it has been a positive or a negative experience. This book is essential reading for anyone not only working in Early Years Development, Social Work or Education, but also for those simply trying to understand this profound relationship. Most importantly, from both a personal and professional perspective, Steering the Mothership will help every reader to develop compassion, for themselves and for others.


Alchemy For The Mind: Create Your Confident Core

Alchemy For The Mind Cover


Rhian Sherrington, life coach and behaviour change specialist, draws upon neuroscience, positive psychology and theories of behaviour change to offer a concise and informative way to create and nurture a ‘confident core’ to enable you to succeed and flourish in your life.


At The Sharp End

At The Sharp End Cover



A book packed full of business tips from 60 business owners. This book is a great collaboration and the brain child of David Norrington and raises valuable funds for Cancer Research.

About Discover Your Bounce

Discover Your Bounce is a 6 part programme to support and guide entrepreneurs and companies to bounce back in their business. Nicky has combined experiences from her time as a Management Accountant with her Holistic knowledge and mixed in a little personal experience to create a programme that will transform your life and your business.

Discover Your Bounce combines positive thinking techniques, meditation and breathing exercises as well as planning and vision creation. The aim is to look after your energy and help you be the best version of your yourself.

Discover Your Bounce Online

Fed up of feeling tired, uninspired and stuck in life? Discover Your Bounce Online to unlock your energy, fire up your passion and bounce your way to success!

Customer Testimonials

Nicky is a fabulous teacher and helps and guides you through everything that comes up during the course of the programme. I have learnt so much! Overall I am calmer, more engaged and happier than I was before.
- Kathryn King, Gracie Bows

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