Why go on retreat?

It’s easy to get into a busy routine in life of going to work and having time off. Sometimes however, it’s nice to stop, take a breath, relax and look at life from a different perspective…

Our Discover Your Bounce Retreats have been crafted to allow you to take some time out, to retreat from the normal should’s and ought to’s and to reassess where you are as well as where you would like to be.

How would you like to…

  • Have a break, where each day the whole focus is you?
  • Be guided through meditations and visualisations?
  • Make a plan for your perfect life?
  • Be given tools and techniques to actually make it happen?
  • Have fun and relax with a group of like minded people who can share your inspirations and encourage you in your plans?

UK Retreat

Take a few days out of life midweek and escape to one of our pre-chosen venues. Work with our experts and discover the blueprint for maintaining your bounce!

During your retreat you will:
  • Learned basic and advanced visualisation techniques – wherever you are we will get you started or help you improve
  • Work with a personal trainer to assess your fitness and nutrition, as well as give you tips to improve
  • Spend an afternoon working on your vision board and give you a detailed action plan to make it happen!
  • Use a host of energy boosting techniques including chakra balancing, crystal meditations, good decision making and EFT
  • Have time to sit back, relax, socialise and soak up the atmosphere!

We’re just confirming an awesome venue at the moment. Details will appear on the website once this is finalised!

About Discover Your Bounce

Discover Your Bounce is a 6 part programme to support and guide entrepreneurs and companies to bounce back in their business. Nicky has combined experiences from her time as a Management Accountant with her Holistic knowledge and mixed in a little personal experience to create a programme that will transform your life and your business.

Discover Your Bounce combines positive thinking techniques, meditation and breathing exercises as well as planning and vision creation. The aim is to look after your energy and help you be the best version of your yourself.

Discover Your Bounce Online

Fed up of feeling tired, uninspired and stuck in life? Discover Your Bounce Online to unlock your energy, fire up your passion and bounce your way to success!

Customer Testimonials

Nicky is a fabulous teacher and helps and guides you through everything that comes up during the course of the programme. I have learnt so much! Overall I am calmer, more engaged and happier than I was before.
- Kathryn King, Gracie Bows