Discover Your Bounce Publishing was created to help spread positive stories across the globe!

Our mentoring and publishing services support individuals who have faced and overcome challenges throughout life and adopt similar principles to those shared in the Bounce programme to help inspire others who may be struggling.

Titles from Discover Your Bounce Publishing

All books are available in paperback and kindle edition

Rescued By The Coastguard

We all have challenges. It's what we do with them that truly counts. In her autobiography, Nicky Marshall shares an honest account of shock, despair and a journey through recovery and beyond.

Love Your Life! 100 Tips for More Peace and Happiness

Sometimes we need a bit of a pick me up, when life takes a turn that we weren't expecting, or we're just feeling a bit blue. This little book is the perfect companion for an office desk or a bedside table.

The Bounce Back Journey Trilogy

Inspiring stories to help you 'bounce back' from the daily grind...

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