Sedona Retreat Autumn 2017

Dates TBC

Find balance and peace, connect with nature and create a greater sense of wellbeing.

Why go on retreat?

We live in a busy world surrounded by technology. Every day we are asked to do more, be more and give more with life being fast paced and busy. We may wish for things to be different but there never seems the time…

“When you look at life in a different way your life becomes different.”

To bring in changes and to create a new way of being we need an additional boost of energy. It’s like a car battery – when it’s flat it needs a jump start so that it can again keep going.

Nicky is so excited to be able to jump start your life!

There is something magical about Sedona; it changes you just by being there. This is a week of nurture, inspiration, nature and support. The beauty is the changes that occur ripple through yourself and your life and 6 months later you will realise the profound effect Sedona had on you.

About Sedona

Known as Red Rock Country, Sedona's nickname comes from the red sandstone formations around the city that give breathtaking views with the glowing oranges and reds highlighted by the rising and setting sun.

The area is popular for tourists and activities are widely ranged from outdoor pursuits such as hiking and jeep tours to spiritual pursuits that centre around the vortices present in the city.

The Vortices of Sedona

There are four vortices located in Sedona; visiting and learning from these sites will be one of the main focuses of the retreat. We will be allowing the energy from each vortex to work with our own energies to create harmony and balance.

View from Airport RockAirport Vortex energy strengthens the masculine side of your character. Due to its stunning views this is a great place for watching the sunrise and sunset, as well as gaining inspiration!

Cathedral Rock Vortex energy strengthens the feminine side of your character. We visit both sides of this amazing vortex, each with its own personality.

Boynton Canyon Vortex energy strengthens the balance between both the masculine and the feminine. This is a gentle walk and beautiful views can be enjoyed along the way, including looking across Enchantment Resort.

Bell Rock Vortex energy can be felt at any point around Bell Rock. It strengthens the masculine, feminine and the balance between them all at once. It is possible to climb part way up this rock, so the views are also incredible here.

 “All in all it was wonderful, magical and I feel honoured to have been immersed in Sedona and to be at peace in my life.”

- Emma Hackforth


Moondance RetreatAccommodation will be in the magnificent Moondance Retreat, a beautiful and luxurious house located in central Sedona. The centre has a pool, hot tub and wonderful views of Sedona. We are so thrilled to be able to support our travels with such a beautiful private location.  Our group will enjoy space to relax and rejuvenate, along with scrumptious breakfasts and lunches to either eat in or take on our travels. A sunrise breakfast at Cathedral Rock is to be recommended!

Your Guide:

Nicky Marshall

Crescent Moon RanchNicky is an author, speaker and mentor with 17 years of experience in the wellbeing industry. She will hold your hand, listen to your story and gently guide you to make your own changes so that you can live a life that you love.

Nicky truly walks her talk and has firsthand experience of how to heal yourself after suffering a stroke in 2010. Today Nicky is 100% well, happier than ever and impacting as many people as possible through her Discover Your Bounce Programme. For more about Nicky visit the About Nicky page!

The Retreat:

Patio BarDuring the retreat Nicky will impart her knowledge with the group, sharing years of experience that have lead her to living an intuitive and holistic life. While visiting the vortex sites you will connect to these sacred places, visualise, meditate and find your own stillness and wellbeing.

Unlock your intuition, connect with your guides and tune into the synchronicities of life. Hear the soft, whispered messages from your higher self and learn a new way of being. Learn how to work with nature, connect with the earth and meditate in easy ways.

Optional Extras:

We are able to arrange extra activities to take place during your stay should you wish to fully experience everything Sedona has to offer. Some of these include:

  • An excursion to Shaman's Cave
  • A Reiki attunement at a vortex site
  • A Tarot reading
  • A Red Rock helicopter ride
  • An evening ‘closed doors’ shopping experience
  • We can also arrange a special and unique wedding!

Free Time:

The Wedding PartyThere will be plenty of free time for exploring the area, enjoying the delightful cuisine Sedona has to offer and of course some shopping too! Most afternoons will be left open for free time to allow you to absorb the morning’s lessons and experiences. This will also be when most of the optional extras take place.

Price Includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Transport around Sedona included in the schedule
  • Entrance to State Parks
  • All tuition and guiding from Nicky and Clare
  • Handouts
  • All arranging of optional extras

Not Included in the Price:

  • Flights and transfers to and from Sedona
  • Food
  • Transport during free time
  • Holiday Insurance
  • An ESTA for travel in the US
Hans Darforth

“The Sedona retreat was spot on and you took us at a pace that allowed us all to soak up what we felt in the magical sites we visited.”

Hans Darforth

Pricing & Payment:

The cost of the retreat and payment details will be released once details are finalised.