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A text which says “Goodbye”

In 2018 the Bounce Team discovered first hand the impact of poor mental health in our community.

One team member had a text from her partner saying goodbye - he was going to end his life. He was 27. The crisis was averted this time, but support from both health services and charities for those in this position seemed thin on the ground.

Another team member lost a friend to suicide in 2018. He was 46 and left a wife and an 8 year old son.

Whilst we were able to take some action to support our friends ourselves, we wondered how many people were out there struggling, unsupported with their mental health.

It was clear that we couldn’t help everyone on our own. As a business we wondered what we could do to help those in crisis and those who support them.

We created Discover Your Bounce Buddies as our Social Passion Project. We felt that people needed support and wanted to find out what was important, rather than make assumptions. This is what we did:

Step one: in April 2019 we help a Mental Health Hackathon (read more below)

This allowed us to find out what people really valued and what they felt some of the answers were.

Step two: We found that the construction sector had the highest levels of suicide. We partnered with Building Mental Health to deliver Mental Health Awareness training as a 'Toolbox Talk'. We then developed our own Mental Health for Managers training as it was identified more support was needed.

Step three: We needed to ensure that these projects were funded and so started creating The Bounce Back Journey books. Sales from our books fund our projects, from delivering more free training to helping other charities in this space.

Read more about our books here.


Male Suicide

Did you know that every single working day two construction workers suicide? Neither did we. 

After much research we introduced Toolbox Talks.

This is a Mental Health Awareness session, attendees are awarded the Bronze Award for Building Mental Health.

Each 45 minute session is free and available around the country.

To date we have presented to over 100 construction workers and our work is just beginning.

Mental Health for Managers

This is an interactive session for managers where we outline common mental  health conditions and how to have the right conversations with someone who may be struggling.

Building Mental Health

We are proud to have signed the Building Mental Health charter and to support this industry. To read more about the work going on in the industry click here.

“Spread this message far and wide! Really useful and helped the team understand it’s okay not to be okay.” – Lee Bignell, Managing Director

The Bounce Back Journey

In February 2020 we published The Bounce Back Journey, featuring stories of bouncing back from 24 authors. The book went to bestseller in the Kindle charts and has proved so popular with people looking for inspiration.

We are in the process of launching two more books:

The Bounce Back Journey of Womens' Health

The Bounce Back Journey of Mens' Health

These will be available on October and November 2020 respectively.

These books not only make a great read and inspire people that change is possible, the profits go to fund our #socialpassionproject, enabling us to support more people.

To see this and our other titles, click here.

For more information contact: Sharon@discoveryourbounce.com

Mental Health Hackathon
April 2019

In April 2019 we called the people of Bristol and South Gloucestershire together to ask the question: “How can we solve the mental health problem in Bristol?

Not solve so that no-one ever has a challenge, but so that people have the right access to resources and never feel alone.

As a result of our findings we decided to focus on three key areas:

  • Male Suicide in Construction
  • Education
  • Community


There is still so much to do to reduce the stigma around mental health and to share that it’s ok not to be ok! This is a subject that needs to be talked about, so that no one ever feels alone or unable to speak out. Already we are making a difference in the workplace and we're proud to be making a difference.

We hope to take our Hackathons into schools, to help educate our youngest people around mental health.


Pre Covid19 we had been holding regular meet ups around the East Bristol area. Each month we would pick a pub or café for a two-hour, informal session. No agenda, nothing to do or be, just an opportunity to connect with other people and socialise.

We also have a Facebook community and this really switched up a gear during lockdown. We now have over 400 members and present weekday Facebook Lives, interacting with the community and sharing wellbeing tips. For some it's been a godsend. We are still growing and would love you to join us here.

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