What To Do When Bounce Leaves The Building!

When I talk about Bounce I mean that feeling when life is flowing, our focus is clear and although we may work hard it feels effortless; we know what we are doing and the ‘to do’ list gets a good ticking!

I usually see Bounce in folks as a confident, shiny air about them. Their face is relaxed, they smile easily and they are usually surrounded by a crowd of positive happy people – Bounce attracts Bounce!

When we lose our Bounce irritating health issues occur. We get parking tickets or even bump our car. Clients cancel appointments and what seems like a stream of energy zapping coincidences start to occur. We get grumpy, sleep less, grind our teeth or shout at the radio as our frustrations spill over.

When we lose our energy we then start to question or procrastinate, what seemed obvious is no longer so.

What we need is a re-set button!

When I had suffered a stroke seven years ago I needed a major re-set! My stress had lead to a life threatening occurrence, my lifestyle and working life sucked and I had no idea how to get back up again, or if that was even possible!

What I started to do was to be kind, daily. I started to make tiny changes, which gradually increased my energy and outlook so I could tackle the deeper issues.

So if today has sucked, you are lacking in energy or have lost your focus, here are a few things to start you on the road to bouncing!

1. Stop! Take a day, preferably two to unplug and unwind. Ban the alarm clock, put down the phone, ignore e-mails and get outside. Go for a walk, sit on a bench. Watch the birds and really notice the fresh air filling your lungs. It’s said that silence, nature and sleep will re-set the brain within a few days and I’ve tried it – it works!

2. Start a new journal or fresh page and write down what would be the most amazing, super shiny best version of your life and be honest – don’t try to fit in with other people, be too safe or even try to work out how, just write it down.

3. Plan your diary, each day, with one whole hour dedicated to making this dream version happen. It could be that you need to plan your finances, learn something new or get the admin/accounts done. That hour could be for a nature top up, some exercise/meditation or journalling your next steps. With the right planning and maybe an earlier alarm that hour is possible to most of us!

4. Work on enriching that vision no matter how that looks for you – a vision board, a Pinterest board, sharing with a mentor or positive friend. The more energy you give it the more credible it will feel.

5. Finally – watch for tiny signs that your energy has changed. Look for interesting people you meet, blogs that pop up or e-mails that arrive. Usually once we start to get clear our energy returns and synchronicities happen – it’s what I call the magic that makes life exciting!

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About The Author

Nicky Marshall

Nicky is an international, award winning author and speaker and owner of three companies. Nicky has a background as a Management Accountant but has been running businesses since 2006. Nicky is a wellbeing advocate, passionate to show that people are amazing and capable of great success - when they have the right techniques and enough energy! After suffering a stroke at 40 and fully recovering, Nicky is on a mission to change the wellbeing of the world - one person at a time.