How do you make time for a new health regime when you don’t have time to think?

In today’s busy, stressed out world health and happiness can seem like impossible dreams. Here at the Discover Your Bounce Group we are passionate about bringing easy, tried and tested techniques to you in a way that fit into your life. From a thirty second breathing technique to a long term vision for a fantastic life, we have the building blocks ready for you!

Whether you are an individual yearning for some peace, or an HR Director passionate about helping your staff and everything in between, we have a solution for you.

Put the bounce back into your life and business today!

Create your 2018 Vision - The B.O.U.N.C.E Way
Unique 2hr workshop to bring magic to your vision board
24th January 2018 | 10am

A 6-part course to help you tailor your own health and happiness routines

Workshops for employers to improve productivity and staff wellbeing

Upcoming Events

  • Make That Change! 26th November 2017

    Our unique personal development event with guest speakers is approaching! Come along learn, be inspired and take a considered plan of action into 2018!

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  • Winter Soiree for Business 16th November 2017

    A fantastic Bristol networking event with guest Paula Squire of Clarke Wimott sharing ways to engage further in Employee Wellbeing.

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