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We have been running events in the wellbeing sector for over 10 years. Always delivering value and support to attendees who often become increasingly attached to the Bounce approach and advocating the principles we share.  Below is a list of upcoming events specifically targetting those running businesses and/or teams who might want a little flavour of what we offer before jumping on board.

Powerful Vision, Powerful You!

15th January 2021 1pm - 1.45pm
At Your Laptop
Presented by Discover Your Bounce For Business

Are you ready to focus on 2021?

We know that everyone has been REALLY looking forward to this year!

So how do you make sure you can make a good start and get the best out of your year? With a great plan of course!

So how do you create your plan? With a great vision!

Join us for this powerful workshop, where we will break down the steps needed to visualise and create your year, while also looking after you!

As usual, the team at Discover Your Bounce are here for you, to inspire, to cheerlead and to give you the resources you need to get your year bouncing!


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Create An Effective Corporate Wellbeing Strategy

4th February 2021 1pm - 1.45pm
At Your Laptop
Presented by Discover Your Bounce For Business

Prioritise Employee Wellbeing and create a plan of activitie

As businesses have had to react and change due to Covid, the wellbeing of employees has become even more of a priority. Maybe you already have a plan and are looking for more inspiration, or perhaps you would like to create a strategy but are unsure where to start?

In this workshop we will discuss ways of creating planned activities for your employees, what to consider and how to ensure you get maximum employee engagement and buy in to your plans.

To date Discover Your Bounce has worked with in excess of 2500 employees, finding out about the current stresses employees face and sharing techniques to improve wellbeing and health.

We are really looking forward to starting the new year by giving your wellbeing plans a boost!


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