About Discover Your Bounce

Discover Your Bounce was created in May 2013 after Founder Nicky Marshall suffered and recovered from a stroke. Combining her years as an accountant and business woman with her years in the holistic and wellbeing industries she designed a programme that was a foundation course, to bring people back from overwhelm and stress that leads to illness. Nicky was joined by fellow directors Laura Barnett and Sharon Critchlow in 2016 and to date thousands of people have now benefitted from these techniques.

In 2017 Discover Your Bounce has further developed to become a group of companies, providing a range of programmes and events for individuals and organisations that bring about immediate results, instil practical techniques and result in living a positive life. Our group mission is to become the ‘Go To’ company for health and happiness globally.

Discover Your Bounce Lifestyle offers a pathway from stress and overwhelm to energy and vitality through its programme and events. Through tried and tested techniques and inspiring experts our participants and attendees experience instant benefits.

Discover Your Bounce For Business was created in January 2017 to provide a solution to the current stress epidemic facing companies today. Through group workshops and events teams can create their own solutions using our techniques and knowledge.

Our approach is consultative, working with HR Managers and Business Leaders to create the right experience in every business.


Creating happiness & resilience in your organisation!

Meet the Directors

Nicky Marshall

Group Director


Nicky is the founder of Discover Your Bounce and what started as a passion 4 years ago has grown into a group of companies thanks to a stubborn streak, perseverance and great support from her Co-Directors! Nicky is an award winning, international author and speaker with 11 books in publication.

Nicky started her working life in finance, trained to be a CIMA Accountant and through her own health learned the importance of wellbeing, going on to train in a range of holistic therapies and stress management.

Nicky identified that to create better health, more energy and a life worth loving individually we need to use daily techniques and make the right choices. Working with a specialist will get you so far, but it’s what we do every day that makes the difference. Changes don’t need to be complicated or elaborate, small shifts can lead to massive results. Nicky discovered this first hand during her three year recovery from a stroke in 2010.

To find out more about Nicky visit her Personal page here.

Sharon Critchlow

Director For Business


With 8 years in accountancy and 17 years running a Top 100 UK financial advisory business, Sharon decided it was time for a change. Having overcome prejudice, glass ceilings and other general nonsense in her own life she coaches others who wish to fulfil their potential.  Sharon has completed ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, and Masters Level Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching. She has years of experience is in growing businesses, managing teams and developing people. Sharon provides practical, candid feedback in a safe environment and her aim is for everyone to find their enthusiasm and  to nurture it so that it will grow in to the life they truly want.

In her spare time she volunteers as an advocate and is a Council member for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. In addition to representing their members, she supports their aim to reach out to potential students worldwide – whatever their cultural, financial or educational background –  as she believes everyone has the potential to be anything they want to be.

After experiencing Bounce first hand she decided to join the team, initially as Non Executive Director and as Co-Director as Discover Your Bounce for Business in January 2017.

To find out more about Sharon visit her Personal page here.

Laura Barnett

Director Lifestyle!


Laura is all about Freedom To Live! She’s been running her own business(es) since 2007; after 10 years in marketing and design she was looking for something that would offer her the opportunity to have the freedom and independence she craved. Being self-employed was the only way she could lead the life she wanted with the flexibility to support her family at a moment’s notice.  She needed to be in control.

Laura met Nicky in 2013 and embarked on the Discover Your Bounce Programme which helped her to change her thinking, increase her motivation and design a life to her own ideals. The profound impact of Discover your Bounce was so great, and aligned with Laura’s philosophy that the logical step was to become a director and help others to find the freedom to live their lives too!

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