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We are a boutique publishing house specialising in inspirational books, compilations of personal stories and business books.

Our team are all published authors themselves. We know how hard it can be to put pen to paper, to keep focused on your project and to structure your content effectively whilst maintaining your own writing style. We create books for sale on Amazon and Kindle.


Your Writing Journey

Our service includes:

  • Coaching you through the writing process
  • Editing and typesetting your book
  • Publishing your book through Amazon’s KDP service
  • Adapting your book for Kindle
  • Helping with your Amazon Central Author page
  • Creating a buzz when your book is launched

We have associates who can design your book cover, create a website to go with your book and produce social media posts to advertise your creation.

We can’t guarantee book sales, but we can guarantee you will be supported throughout the process and beyond.

So, join our existing authors and give the world the gift of your thoughts.

"I loved everything about publishing with Discover Your Bounce. They held my hand through the whole process. Every step was very straightforward. I can't describe how excited I was when we got a bestseller. Thank you so much Nicky, Sharon and team. I couldn't have written it without your continued help and support!"

Stacey Campbell, Author

Discover Your Bounce Publishing was created to help spread positive stories across the globe!

Our mentoring and publishing services support individuals who have faced and overcome challenges throughout life and adopt similar principles to those shared in The Bounce Programme to help inspire others who may be struggling.


The first book in The Bounce Back Trilogy was released in February 2020 and reached the top 100 in three separate kindle categories.


Our Social Passion Project began back in 2018. We felt that people needed support and wanted to find out what was important, rather than make assumptions.

Titles from Discover Your Bounce Publishing

All titles available in paperback and Kindle

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