The Engage! Programme

This is our flagship programme, consisting of twelve, 1.5 hour sessions on the themes of mind, body, spirit and vision. We cover practical subjects such as sleep, nutrition and hydration, informative sessions on brain function, mindfulness and meditation, creative sessions that engender innovative thinking and improved happiness and finally vision and goal setting sessions.

In need of a quick boost? Choose a 45 minute, lighter version as a lunch and learn!

Choose your delivery type:

  • Pick your favourite topic as a stand alone session
  • Combine four sessions as a transformation day to enable long lasting change
  • Work through the entire programme over a year to keep wellbeing front of mind
  • Complete a three-day intensive covering all twelve sessions

Ideal for:

  • Organisations with a minimum of ten employees
  • Employers developing a cohesive wellbeing strategy
  • HR Managers struggling for a flexible solution – choose from a standalone session to a three day intensive

How it works

The Engage! programme has been designed for flexibility of delivery and progressive learning to increase self awareness and trigger mindset change for improved wellbeing.
There are 12 programme modules split across Mind, Body, Spirit and Vision.

  • Twelve wellbeing boosting topics

    Our variety of sessions will enhance wellbeing in any organisation. All our sessions can be delivered as stand alone subjects, or you can start at the top and work in order.

  • Flexible delivery options

    Each session can be presented as a 90 minute Engage session or a lighter, 45 minute lunch and learn. Combine four sessions into a transformation day.

  • Interactive discussions

    All sessions delivered within organisations incorporate company and team specific discussions to enable immediate culture change.

  • Practical Tools & Techniques

    Every session includes a practical element of participation for instigating a change in behaviour.

The 12 Modules

  • Mind

    Mental Calm & Resilience:

    1. Mind Set
    2. Mind Positive
    3. Mind Calm

  • Body

    Physical Fitness & Health:

    1. Body Boost
    2. Body Strong
    3. Body Specialism

  • Spirit

    Happiness & Contentment:

    1. Spirit Boost
    2. Spirit Happy
    3. Spirit Wise

  • Vision

    Goals & Taking Action:

    1. Vision Goal
    2. Vision Action
    3. Vision Thrive

Mind Set

  • The structure of the brain and how it reacts to stress
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • How to find calm in the workplace and an introduction to meditation

Mind Positive

  • Creating mental resilience
  • How to create an atmosphere of good mental health for your team
  • Having positive conversations in the workplace

Mind Calm

  • Everyday Mindfulness
  • Meditation for the busy person
  • The 5 minute routines that will change your day

Body Boost

  • Learn what happens when you are under stress and what to do about it
  • The nature of sleep and how to have more of it
  • Understand nutrition and hydration and their role in your life
  • How to create a plan to navigate change

Body Strong

  • Why we should all be focusing on sleep
  • Body Confidence - including case studies from the Directors
  • Creating healthy habits for you and your team

Body Specialism

Choose from our selection of specialist providers

  • Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • The Oxygen Advantage
  • Menopause Café

Spirit Boost

  • How to become more creative
  • The power of personal reflection and discernment
  • How to decide what is truly influencing you and how to change what you believe
  • Understanding the psychology of colour and its effect on you and your team

Spirit Happy

  • How to create your personalised Happy Kit to bring more happiness to your daily life
  • B.O.U.N.C.E: Balance, overcome, understand, nurture, choose, energise
  • The Ikigai method to finding happiness

Spirit Wise

  • Emotional Intelligence: Self-awareness as a pathway to success
  • Empathy v Sympathy
  • Team talk and influencing others

Vision Goal

  • What is your end goal and what does that mean to you and the business
  • Creating a plan to re-set negative patterns
  • The key to time management, prioritising what is important and doing it

Vision Action

  • Creating your vision for the future
  • Taking the first steps to a new life
  • The importance of an attitude of gratitude

Vision Thrive

  • Explore your organisation culture and values
  • Overcoming change fatigue
  • Celebrating successes
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