How I Found Freedom To Live

Well isn’t this exciting! June is a rather momentous month in my world – and not just because its features my birthday!

It’s a month of change – as Spring officially becomes Summer and we look to warm sunny days, blossoming nature and world sporting events to share with our families.

While I’ll be busy enjoying all of these things, I’ll also be taking on new challenges in the form of 2 new ventures both of which fit with my heartfelt philosophy of having ‘Freedom to Live’.

This ethos came to me instantly one evening when I was sitting in a rented bedroom away from home in busy London watching an introductory seminar for a new business. It was one of those moments when I just thought I can do this and if I do, it means I can have more control over my life and income to enable me to have more choices and I can offer the support and encouragement to others to achieve the same – win-win! I was absolutely amazed to discover that I could buy the URL and did so straight away and this set my intentions for the future!

Since that day in 2009, I’ve been on a long journey of personal development . I have attended many conferences both here and in the US with self-development advocates such as Dave O’Connor and Dr Tom Barratt. I have read insightful books that gave me practical tips to make changes in my every day life:  the stand out one being The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. As a freelancer I often went to networking events and have continued this enabling me to meet and share ideas with like-minded people. Until this point I hadn’t acknowledged that I regularly set myself goals which I now do with much more intention and planning. And I believe the most essential of all things that I have applied and continue to work on is stretching that comfort zone, which has helped me to find out more about my own weaknesses as well as strengths to move life forwards.

It’s now, after meeting Nicky and working with her and combining all the knowledge I’ve accrued, that 2014 has brought consolidation and clarity into creating and realising that future.

I’m very excited that along with becoming a Licensee for the Discover your Bounce programme, taking and applying my own personal knowledge and experience with the foundations of the course, I’ll be combining the physical aspects of wellbeing through my Martial Arts teaching and natural health products!

My objective now is to help share Nicky’s message and keep growing and developing ideas in line with our mutual passion for helping people to get the most out of life. Remember: Happiness is a daily choice – choose well!

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