Does your workplace wellbeing strategy increase productivity and employee engagement?

“There are strong links between trust, wellbeing and engagement, employee engagement continues to be an important predictor of company performance”

Unum  – Developing an Effective Wellbeing Strategy

So let’s set the scene……..

How do you get improved employee engagement and productivity, when workloads are increasing and the demands of modern life in a  24/7 society leads to no downtime? Add in to the mix the push to reduce head count and the pressure is really on. Companies are trying to get quality work from a shrinking group of increasingly tired and stressed individuals. This is clear from HSE statistics which show that half of long term sickness is due to stress, anxiety and depression and 1 in 5 people on long term sick will leave the company. Recruitment, sick pay, lost time in training others to cover duties  – it all costs money and doesn’t move the business forward.

How can you get more, from less?

With fewer staff and sharper deadlines, is it possible to get more from less? This depends upon the flexibility of organisation and resilience of the teams concerned. The good thing is that both of these factors can be changed  and when approached from a team perspective you may well get more from less as the actions undertaken will be more focussed and the team more capable of thinking around an issue and adapting. This is usually where employee engagement strategies play a part, but what about wellbeing?

What does your wellbeing and engagement strategy look like?


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When most organisations consider wellbeing they think about providing a mindfulness session, fruit in the office and a reduced price gym membership.  Whilst it is great that companies are considering the welfare of their staff, this piece meal approach in unlikely to produce a dramatic increase in productivity. It may have some benefits for a few individuals, but it falls short of a cohesive measurable plan. Is it any wonder there is a reluctance to spend more money on a wellbeing agenda.

Increasing engagement and company performance, by using wellbeing

“Employers that are providing their employees with a wellness pot have significantly more engaged employees than those that don’t”

Thomsons UK Wellbeing Benefits Watch 2016/17

We believe that company performance can be improved by using the four pillars of wellbeing. Two relate to the individual and two relate to teams. By applying all four to a workplace, you unlock the secret to improved company performance in modern times.  

The first two pillars of wellbeing focus on the individuals mind and body. Mindfulness is often provided in the workplace and it is a start, but what about adopting a different mindset? A gym membership may be the answer to physical wellbeing for some, but what about tackling sleep deprivation? The reality is that many of us are using 1990’s techniques to cure 21st century issues. There are many areas which add together to create a resilient individual.

Improving individual resilience is only part of the solution.

What about how they treat each other and what they consider to be important? A productive company spirit  and buying in to a team vision will take these resilient people and create an impressive result.

Selling a new way of being or a vision of the future to a group of worn out people who are under stress will get head nodding and no change. Asking for increased engagement from them, whilst not addressing their needs is futile. Real gains can only me made when the individual becomes the best that they can be and the wider team flexes to work demands in a cohesive manner.

The ultimate workplace wellbeing and employee engagement tool is here…

The Engage! Programme is delivered by Discover Your Bounce for Business, which is a workplace wellbeing specialist. It  is a series of 12, one-hour interactive workshops which cover the four pillars of wellbeing – mind, body, spirit and vision.


Because happy healthy teams create successful profitable businesses.


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About The Author

Sharon Critchlow

Sharon Critchlow is a Wellbeing Advocate, speaker and facilitator at Discover Your Bounce for Business. Passionate about people being the best they can be she is a Time To Change Champion for mental health and holds a Masters level qualification in strategic coaching for performance. Sharon is a qualified accountant and has 20 years experience in senior leadership roles in the financial services sector.