How Do We Stay Inspired?

Hands up if you break New Year’s resolutions or don’t even bother?

I get very excited on New Year’s Eve, looking forward to the year ahead. I write my wishes, set my intentions and light a candle for an awesome year to come.

On the 1st of January the onslaught begins – lose weight, get fit, book a holiday, buy a sofa as there’s a ‘rare and not to be missed’ sale on, etc. etc. etc.

The noise, hype and buzz puts me off to be honest!

At the end of last year I took some time out to reflect on 2017.

Business wise we had an amazing year – we created three companies, with new branding and website. We’d created new programmes and events and had great success finding our new audiences. My public speaking had really taken off and we had been to New Delhi in May. During October and November we were travelling most weeks. It was an exciting time and I am so proud of what Laura, Sharon and I have created.

I also realised that my health was not at it’s best. Nothing worrying, but at the same time my concerns were nagging away in the background. I am a lady ‘of a certain age’ and the menopause had properly hit through the summer. The wonders of hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia and nagging headaches were stealing my energy – even with all the bouncy techniques I use every day! I had put on weight, quite a lot in fact, and my blood pressure was creeping up. After the epic training for Walk for Glo which saw me walking every other day a knee injury had stopped me in my tracks and my body was craving that movement.

The sum total of everything meant my mood was slipping and my confidence too.

Running three companies with a focus on wellbeing and inspiration, walking my talk has always been important to me. I never want to give a shiny, too perfect view of my life and always share struggles with our followers and customers when they happen. However I don’t like to accept any health challenges either. Yes there were reasons, but I know there is always a way to change.

So this is my year – Operation Goddess has commenced! Now I know I’m already a goddess, I think every woman is. Operation Goddess, for me, is to remember and nurture the goddess within. To keep my wellbeing at the front of my mind and to take the time to be kind. To choose the right things, not to be in competition with anyone, but to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday.

Step One

My sister in law has just qualified as a Personal Trainer, so Michelle Matthews PT has a new recruit! Michelle has been amazing, being gentle as I remember the skills I gained from previous PT training and awakening my walking muscles! She also keeps me on my toes with a sneaky new exercise or two and gives me praise as I go. I have a plan I can work through on my own too, so whenever I have a spare hour I can nip into Boditone Gym in Hanham – unaccompanied!

Step Two

I am a lover of a glass of red with a good meal, but over the festive season it was not just one or even two. I had over indulged and felt sluggish and tired. Dry January may be a fad, but if your body is talking it’s time to listen, so 2nd January was my last drink and so far I haven’t even missed it. So this means:

1. I’m not an alcoholic!
2. Two weeks in apparently my liver has recovered.
3. When I do have a drink it will be one or two max – wine does not go off, who knew!

Step Three

I have always been a shopping dodger as my husband is the cook of the household. A trip to the supermarket is heaven for him – and a chore for me. I have, however, started a fruit and veg run every Monday and so snacks are always at hand. Business meetings used to mean endless milky cappuccinos, I’ve limited those to one treat per day. I’ve added salads to a meal instead of rice and potatoes – and I’m 4lbs lighter for the experience!

Step Four

Weaving everything into life can be tricky – keeping focus on three businesses, catching up with family and friends, keeping the house tidy(ish!), planning meals and getting fit is a lot to fit in. I am easily distracted and so have enlisted the help of technology to assist! Here are a few apps that I’m using:


This little app is free and allows you to set tasks each day. It tracks your winning streak and reminders pop up to help. I have decided to make my bed, take my supplements and go through money affirmations each day. I read recently that a made bed is good for our mental health and after a busy day it is a treat to see. It’s not much – too many tasks and it would be overwhelming – but it’s a start and gives me a good foundation for the day ahead.

The Secret to Money

It’s easy to get so busy in business that we forget why we’re doing it – to make money. Yes, there are other reasons, but earning money to support myself and my family is important to me. This app is £4.99 and there are lots of activities you can do. Each day you are given an imaginary cheque to spend, getting you into that wealth mindset. There are affirmations and inspiration too. I’ve only been using this for a week but our sales reflect the effort, so I’m happy with that progress.

My Fitness Pal

I’m not super strict with this one, but it’s good to track everything you eat and drink for a few days to see where the calories are hiding!

Rain Rain

After a busy day my brain can take a while to wind down – but listening to a thunderstorm or a crackling fire can certainly help!

Now we’re only on the 19th January and there is a lot of year to go, but I am pleased with my results and how I’m feeling so far. I have more energy, I wake up easily and I’m excited to see where I will be on NYE 2018.

So, who inspires you? Do you take time to reflect? To celebrate your achievements? To notice what’s working? To take time to change what isn’t?

I wish you an amazing 2018 and will cheer you on with your endeavours!

P.S. If you would like some help with your goals and challenges drop us a line, we would love to help.

If you are local to Bristol and would like to create your vision, clear away any stumbling blocks and plan your year our event may be the thing that makes 2018 your best year yet. You can book here.

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