yoga pose

Movement is Medicine

A sore, painful back is a common complaint of desk workers. The sedentary nature of the job aggravating lower back pain, whilst being hunched over a keyboard creates tightness through the upper back. Taking regular breaks away from the screen and the desk can ease this. Movement is the medicine. Walking, or even just having a little dance on the spot to move the muscles will feel great! Working from home, as so many of us are, allows us to be able to throw down the yoga mat and get some movement that way! A regular yoga practice full of movement and breathing will help to ease back pain and relax you.

Three Yoga Poses

Here are three yoga poses that I really like to ease a sore back.

It’s important to remember to not push through pain – we aren’t going for the ‘no pain no gain’ here! Only take your body to a position that feels ok for you, and most importantly breathe. Holding the breath will just tighten the body even more.

1) Cow to Cat


  • Start on all fours with the wrists under the shoulder and the knees under the hips. (Place a blanket under the knees if it’s too much pressure on the knees).
  • The knees should be about hip width apart, and the fingers spread to give you a stable base.
  • Imagine creating a long line from the head to the tailbone.

  • As you inhale lift the head and the tailbone to create a hollow in the lower back. Let the tummy button aim toward the floor and expand the chest. Feel the front of the body becoming long. This is cow pose.


  • As you exhale round through the back pushing the spine towards the sky, press into the floor and let the crown of the head drop towards the floor. This is cat pose.
  • Repeat these two movements with a steady breath.
  • Inhale cow, exhale cat.


2) Lying Abdominal Twist

  • Lie on your back. Open the arms out to shoulder height with the palms on the floor. Keep the shoulder blades in contact with the floor.
  • Bend the knees up so the feet are flat on the floor, keeping the knees and ankles together.