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Social Passion Project Update – Our Commitment to a Better Mental Health for All

Bounce Buddies

We are a small business, and this is our social entreprise journey.

10th October is World Mental Health Day as recognised by the World Health Organisation. It’s a day when we consider what good mental health is and how to achieve it, both as individuals and in the workplace. Here is an update on what we have been doing to support people through our Social Passion Project.

As a provider of wellbeing services we are all too aware that 2020 has been exceptionally challenging for some people. Home schooling, working from home, financial impact, isolation and there is this virus…so we have focused this Summer on what we can do to help.

Social Passion Project

In April 2019 we started on a journey to add a social enterprise focusing on mental health, to our organisation, we called it Bounce Buddies. It started with organising the Bristol Mental Health Hackathon. 60 people came to offer their views on the mental health needs in our community. Using the output of this event we produced and circulated a report and a list of resources. The key needs identified were education, particularly around removing stigma. There was also an emphasis on collaboration with community being integral to the solution. As a part of the hackathon we asked people, “What will you do?” and this translated for Bounce Buddies in to, “What will we do?” We created several streams of activity we called the Social Passion Project and this is our Covid response.

Discover Your Bounce Community

When the UK went in to lockdown we wanted to support people. We had a Facebook Community  – Discover Your Bounce Community – it had 30 members and the occasional post. We devoted this space to the Social Passion Project. Every day for the first four months of lockdown we did a Facebook Live giving tips on wellbeing, and we actively monitored and supported the group. We answered questions, provided resources, ran group activities, and the community grew. We currently have 445 members.

As the world opened up the Live broadcasts changed to our current format of

9am Monday for the Monday Motivation

11am Tuesday is a pre-recorded Tuesday Thoughts

11am Wednesday for Wednesday Wellbeing

11am Thursday is a pre-recorded  Thursday Thoughts

11am Friday is the Fri-yay, celebrating your successes this week.

My estimate is that we have been live on Facebook for 55 hours so far!!

We would love you to join us!

We have had some giggles in the last six months and our regular listeners are amazing!

Free Wellbeing events

Throughout the Summer, every Wednesday lunchtime we provided a wellbeing session. Most were free, some had a small price tag. We made these sessions open to everyone. Topics such as mindfulness, getting better quality sleep and the four elements of wellbeing have all featured in the programme.

We have provided 20 hours of workshops since the start of lockdown. We have also run free workshops for other community groups.

We continue to offer a monthly free workshop  – come along and get involved. Click here for more details.

Community Books

In February we celebrated launching our first community book. The Bounce Back Journey was a collaborative book written and funded by 24 people sharing stories of overcoming adversity and bouncing back from life’s challenges. It became an Amazon best seller in the area of personal transformation. Royalties go to the Social Passion Project activities.

In April, with a need for hope and a way forward and some people at home on furlough, we decided to launch two new community books.


The Bounce Back Journey of Women’s Health has 26 inspiring personal stories and is launching on 18th October for World Menopause Day.


The Bounce Back Journey of Men’s Health has 20 inspiring personal stories and is launching on 19th November for International Men’s Day.

63 people have shared their stories to inspire and support others in 2020.

We have plans for two new books next year.

Do you have a positive story of changing careers, or of overcoming a challenge as a parent? We would love to hear from you!

All of these books can be purchased from Amazon as paperback or on Kindle. They can also be bought here


World Mental Health Day is an annual reminder to consider where mental health fits in our lives but also a time to consider what action we can take to make a difference. Our community work is our passion and this year has been a year of action! I hope we have inspired you to think about what you could organise, or get involved in to support the wellbeing of your community.

For more information on supporting workplace mental health take a look at these resources:

Resources for more information about mental health initiatives


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About The Author

Sharon Critchlow

Sharon Critchlow is a Wellbeing Advocate, speaker and facilitator at Discover Your Bounce for Business. Passionate about people being the best they can be she is a Time To Change Champion for mental health and holds a Masters level qualification in strategic coaching for performance. Sharon is a qualified accountant and has 20 years experience in senior leadership roles in the financial services sector.