Simple exercises you can do with your dog to improve your everyday wellbeing 


We often look for ways we can spend more time with our pooches. Most dogs are adventurous and fun-loving. They look for new ways to play and bond with their owner. So, when you try out simple exercises with them that makes them extremely happy. If you do not know where to begin this amazing journey, then here are some simple exercises that you can do with your dog while having fun. 

Run with your dog 

Running is always a great option for those who are looking for a fast way to lose weight. Dogs being as energetic as they are love to run in open fields. So running will help you, both strengthen the bond you have with your dog and make you fitter every day. If you do not want to run you can jog or just follow your pooch wherever he or she is leading you. Running is a great cardio exercise that is recommended by many of the renowned veterinarians. 

Yoga with your pooch

As our society improves we learn about the benefits of yoga and why we all should engage in that every day. Many simple yoga poses can be done with your dog. Yoga annihilates your emotional stress as well as improving your physical health. When your dog joins you in this activity they learn obedience and discipline from this. There are many books on this too or you can hire a professional if you want to.


Hiking along with your dog

This is for all the adventure lovers with dogs out there. Having a dog beside you is the best thing because you have your best friend right beside you on every step of the hike. It will be a beautiful journey and when you reach your goal with your pooch you can share a beautiful view. Hiking makes your whole body workout and your dog will love it since he gets to release all the excess energy he or she has in him or her. Creating beautiful memories while benefiting from the journey is always a rare opportunity and much appreciated. 

Swimming on hot days

Swimming is another very fun thing to do with your dog in the summertime or on any hot day. Some dogs love the feeling of water on their skin so they jump at this kind of opportunity. But be sure that you have all the safety tools near you because it is always better to be safe than sorry isn’t it? However, if your dog is afraid of swimming you should not force him or her. You may buy a small tub for them where they can relax in less water than in a pool. 

Playing traditional fetch

Playing fetch has become a traditional outdoor game for dogs all over the world. It is so fun to see our lovely four-legged canines bringing the ball back to us. The crazy thing is they do it so fast. If you have health conditions and can not run or do not want to do much while wanting to make your dog exercise then playing fetch is the best option for you. You can use other things instead of balls such as disks; dogs just love to bring back things. 

Teach a new skill 

This is for those who love their dog to learn new things often and want to make their dog smarter. Teaching new skills can be anything but easy such as making your dog learn how to track, make him learn a dance, teach him to jump higher safely, etc. It takes time and patience to make a dog learn something.

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