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Emotional Spring Cleaning

It’s March and we have already seen the sunshine poking through the clouds. It is time to clean out our clutter, get ourselves beach fit and get out into the world. As Spring emerges, I love letting go of winter in a physical way by clearing out a cupboard or emptying my car, but there is more to the ritual of spring cleaning than meets the eye. This is also time for some emotional spring cleaning!

Where to start with Emotional Spring Cleaning


A big part of emotional spring cleaning is letting go. Whether it is accepting what you cannot change, or leaning into the vulnerability of trying something new. It starts by making space for something to thrive. As we get the garden ready for the spring blooms, at the same time we can clear out and make the ground ready within ourselves for an awesome life ahead.

The value of letting go!


When we let go of our rubbish or create order in our cupboards we are making important decisions. It’s a way of looking at what serves us, what is broken and we no longer need. Surround yourself with what is important to you right now. It can be a sharing time of handing over things which are more useful to a friend or a charity. It can be a time for a new beginning and a clear out of our emotions.

Where is your sun shining this year?

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It’s time to spring clean your life. Think about your relationships, your family, your body and your creativity.

What is ready for a change in your life?

What does good look like for you?

What and who really make you happy?

Choose your cheerleader. Who will support you without judgement and encourage you.

Need some help?

No clear cheerleader?

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Practical steps :

1. What are you going to stop?


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I have no interest in ironing. I get distracted by singing to the music I have on the in background and ironing in time with that music – the temperature control is lost on me. I have ruined plenty of clothes. So now a lady in my village does my ironing. For a few pounds, I have my time back and she has employment. We also have a chat when I drop off and pick up – so I also have a new friend. Ironing doesn’t serve me, it stresses me so it had to go.

Have a think about what you don’t like doing – can you delegate it?

Can you resign from it? Are you the best person to be doing it anyway?

2. What are you going to start?  


Let’s talk about fear. What would you like to do but have avoided because you don’t think you are going to be good at it? Everyone has to start somewhere.  In my experience those who are genuinely talented love helping others to experience the joy they have with their craft. Join that drama group! Prepare for that exam! Challenge any assumptions which no longer serve you.

Who said you are no good at this?

Good or bad is a matter of judgement and comes from comparison with others or to a standard.  This isn’t about other people, this is about you. Other people’s opinions are none of your business.

Choose positive words to describe this new aspect of you and what you get from it.

For example:  “I love running as it gets me out into nature”

“I am discovering how it feels to paint and put my vision on canvas”


3. What are you going to do more of?

Fun and laughter

What was fun in the last few years? Who haven’t you seen for a while? Give yourself permission to enjoy your life. This is not an indulgence – that it one of those judgement words which implies that your needs are less important than something else. This is about bringing all of you to life. When you are happy, it gives hope to people around you. Beware!  Happiness is contagious!

Final thoughts

Your time on earth is precious. A decision not to change is still a decision. People are not half as interested in what you are doing as you think they will be. Yes, other people may need to adapt, but if you aren’t fulfilling what you want in your life chances are you have already done your bit for fulfilling their needs. Now it is your turn.

As the seasons turn its now your turn to thrive!

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About The Author

Sharon Critchlow

Sharon Critchlow is a Wellbeing Advocate, speaker and facilitator at Discover Your Bounce for Business. Passionate about people being the best they can be she is a Time To Change Champion for mental health and holds a Masters level qualification in strategic coaching for performance. Sharon is a qualified accountant and has 20 years experience in senior leadership roles in the financial services sector. www.discoveryourbounce.com www.time-to-change.org.uk