Sport Relief: Physical and Mental Health Hacks For When Life Gets Busy

In recent months we have been talking to an increasing number of ‘busy people’. What has become clear is that when life is busy the main things to slide are physical and mental health. So here are some health hacks to help you.

We all know that good food, water and exercise help us physically and mentally, but how do you fit it in when your to do list is sky high, deadlines are numerous and your attention is needed 24/7 by the people around you?

Since the new year I have been working with Michelle Matthews, PT and have noticed so many benefits in my physical and mental health and mood. So to celebrate Sport Relief we have asked Michelle for her top tips to start new wellbeing routines.

1. Hydrate

Key Facts:

  • The body is composed of around 60% water.
  • Water is a vital part of our daily intake and vital for physical and mental health.
  • Our bodies use water in all of its cells, organs and tissues
  • Water provides a number of fundamental functions within the body including regulating temperature.
  • Benefits of drinking water:Clearer skin
    Helps to aid digestion
    Can help with weight loss,
    It’s free!


Try to have around 2-3 litres a day.



  • Carry a bottle with you at all times – I carry one with me at all times and make sure I refill it at least 3 times a day
  • Have a glass of water when you first get out of bed (before that cup of coffee or tea)
  • Use an app to track your fluid intake or set reminders on your phone
  • Add fruit, veggies or herbs to your water (I like cucumber slices in mine! ☺)

2. Make small changes to your diet


Trying to follow a specific diet can be difficult, overwhelming and sometimes just not sustainable in the long term.

Small changes such as making food swaps can be easier at first to manage and can lead to them becoming habitual


  • Sugary cereal for wholegrain cereals such as porridge or shredded Wheat
  • Fried eggs for poached eggs
  • Chips for Jacket Potato
  • Lean meat instead of processed

My favourite recipe to make at the moment is lean mince beef (less than 5% fat) with chopped sundried tomatoes and Mozzerella – all mixed up with your hands and made into burgers, browned in coconut oil and finished in the oven – served with a wholemeal roll and lots of salad

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth why not try apple slices and peanut butter, Greek yoghurt with fruit or some medjool dates, super sweet ☺

Top tip:

I am super busy so I like to try and plan my week and shop online, that way I don’t get distracted. I know what meals I’m having and also make sure I have lots of nice snacks so that I don’t get tempted off track

3. Be more active

This sounds simple but can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Incorporating regular physical activity and exercise into our daily lives not only improves our overall wellbeing (physical and mental health) but can increase our lifespan by preventing and controlling some of the risk factors such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and obesity.


  • Take the stairs
  • Go for a walk – try and get away from your desk on your lunch break
  • Walk the long way round to the shop – take a different route on your dog walk – don’t use the car
  • Park further away from wherever you need to be
  • Buddy up – grab a mate and go sightseeing around your area, find some new footpaths to explore
  • Use an app – My brother has recently started to run using the Couch to 5k app by Public Health England, he really enjoys it. It takes you through a structured 9 week programme allowing you to go at your own pace with a choice of trainer to guide and motivate you through every step.

We hope that you find these tips useful. On a busy day perhaps start with choosing one idea from the list and build up from there!

To find out how to get a vision for your best life and further energy boosting tips head over to

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About The Author

Nicky Marshall

Nicky is an international, award winning author and speaker and owner of three companies. Nicky has a background as a Management Accountant but has been running businesses since 2006. Nicky is a wellbeing advocate, passionate to show that people are amazing and capable of great success - when they have the right techniques and enough energy! After suffering a stroke at 40 and fully recovering, Nicky is on a mission to change the wellbeing of the world - one person at a time.