The Story of a Busy Person…

We recently sent out a survey asking entrepreneurs about their life, their passions and the things that get in the way.

When we think of entrepreneur some people think of a high flying, suited and booted executive with a flashy tie and a smile to match. We have a rather different person in mind…

Most of the entrepreneurs we surveyed have a passion and a desire to make a difference. They may run their own business, organise their local football club…or be a stay at home mum with an inspiring blog. They are all enterprising, creative, passionate and making the world a better place in their own way.

The entrepreneurs in our survey are already on some kind of personal development journey, whether they have studied the law of attraction or avidly read. Mostly you are a positive bunch, but perhaps struggle with energy, health or money.

So we listened…and devised:

The Busy Person’s Toolkit for Taking Back Control

We know that in today’s modern and busy world it’s easy to get overwhelmed, to forget to grab breakfast, or breathe properly, or remember to do the things that make us happy.

Our 2 hour, fun seminar takes your focus back to the most important person in your life – you!

There are three things you already have within you that are crucial for success, health and happiness – they are your mind, body and spirit.

In our seminar we help you to put together your own, unique toolkit so you can instantly make a positive difference.

So far we have helped over 800 people change their life for the better and would love to help you too!

If you would like to take a look at our seminars in Warmley, Bristol the details are here!

So are you a busy person? What would make your life easier? We would love to hear from you and perhaps we can add an extra or two to our toolkit!

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About The Author

Nicky Marshall

Nicky is an international, award winning author and speaker and owner of three companies. Nicky has a background as a Management Accountant but has been running businesses since 2006. Nicky is a wellbeing advocate, passionate to show that people are amazing and capable of great success - when they have the right techniques and enough energy! After suffering a stroke at 40 and fully recovering, Nicky is on a mission to change the wellbeing of the world - one person at a time.