Before Hiring a Coach or Personal Trainer, Read This!

Many years ago when I had just started in business I hired a business coach. Working together was great, as I got a clear vision for my business, I was able to talk through my ideas and I had found someone who shared my excitement and passion for helping people. I will always be indebted to Neil Fellowes for his wisdom, understanding…and patience!

You see, I had been yearning to start my business and was filled with enthusiasm – determined to harness my lifelong love of people and the holistic therapy skills that had changed my life. I jumped into self employment with the joie de vivre of a puppy.

After a few months I had a lovely hobby, rather than the successful business I had envisioned. Neil’s guidance was amazing for me, but I couldn’t seem to get the pace or clients I had dreamed of.

There was a reason for this.

I had gone through a ‘rather tricky’ end of my marriage and was helping my children through an enormous adjustment. I had suffered health problems for years and the fallout from this had left me not just tired, but with long term fatigue from years of pain – as well as post divorce emotional exhaustion.

My diet and fitness…let’s just say what diet and fitness!

Both my girls were at school and had a busy social life – so the hours to spend on my business were squeezed between 10am and 2pm – unless someone was sick, or there was a dentist or doctor…oh and I stayed up late to squeeze a few more precious hours in too.

I wish the 2017 version of me could skip back to 2006 via teleport and hand me The Bounce Programme*!

You see, once we start to struggle, for whatever reason, there is a process by which we lose our energy, or Bounce. You may not have been through them all, but I’m guessing most of my readers will be familiar with at least one or two…

Berate – we start to feel guilty about the things we’re not doing and use the words ‘should’ or ‘ought to’ frequently.

Overwhelm – we start to try harder when we’re already struggling, which takes up more energy and thinking power.

Uphill – life feels hard! Everything is an effort and the extra things we’ve tried haven’t worked, so…

Negative – we get snappy! We shout at those we love, get road rage, wonder what the point is anyway and our self talk degenerates to even more internal tellings off and critiques of how awful a mum/dad/partner/employee/business person/friend we are.

Crisis – when we are at our lowest ebb – something or someone else demands our attention. The car goes wrong, someone gets ill, there’s a deadline or project that we need to be involved with.

Exhausted! Our get up and go has got up and gone, our health is suffering, we have no fun anymore…

And this is the point when we engage the help of a coach, mentor, personal trainer…or quite frankly anyone that we see with more energy than ourselves.

Now don’t get me wrong – all the people above are amazing at what they do and I have worked with amazing coaches, mentors and personal trainers in my time with fantastic results. But if you are energy depleted, sleep and nutrition deprived and rung out like a piece of old rag those results will take time…or your mindset will be so negative that you won’t stay the distance!

So, if you have read through the stages above and can identify with one or all of them here’s what I suggest you do.

1. Stop! Give yourself a minute, an hour, an afternoon or preferably a week to take some time out! We all think we can’t do this – but if you are mentally and physically exhausted some rest will work wonders at hitting the re-set button!

2. Head to the supermarket or local shop and get yourself a job lot of green stuff, some fruit, some nuts and some foods that you really enjoy and savour. Plan a week of slowly and consciously prepared, nutritious yumminess and add a glass of water whenever you remember.

3. Sleep! If that’s tricky just stay under the duvet and listen to music. Download a meditation or two or just some natural wave or rain sounds to turn off to. Set a bed time that allows you 8 – yes 8 hours of sleep and do your best to relax. Keep headphones by your bed if you are worried about disturbing a partner…but practise makes perfect and you can retrain your sleeping habits.

4. If life was perfect, what would that look like to you? Rather than trying to change what’s wrong, give yourself permission to put that aside for a week…and get really clear about that ideal world. Without working out how – what would you be doing, how would you spend your days? What does perfect look like in your mind? Spend as much time as you can working on that image – once you’ve got it worked out send it out to the universe with a please and thank you!

After a week you should find your energy returning, some peace of mind being restored and a few things getting straight. At this point then consider if you do need a coach, mentor or personal trainer…or a visit to your GP…or another week/few weeks of the above!

*The Bounce Programme is a foundation course for health and happiness. We have combined easy, tried and tested methods and activities that boost your energy and health, restore your happiness, help you make great decisions, improve sleep and get you back to bouncing. We have worked with thousands of people and seen great results.

This programme is available as a 6 session, online course with workbooks, activity sheets, audio lessons and guided meditations so you can work at your own pace at home. Or you can choose to work one to one with a mentor to guide you through the process – and get you back to bouncing!

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