What a wonderful Summer……or is it?

What a wonderful Summer!

It’s an amazingly hot and dry Summer in the UK and for some of us it’s a welcome change. I love the Summer – I feel energised, alert and everything seems more fun. Summer has a buzz about it for me ……..which got me thinking. My assumption is that everyone loves the Summer, but my vision of Summer isn’t for everyone. One of my friends is fighting prickly heat and horsefly bites, another was struggling with hot flushes even before the temperature rose! Both looked at me with dismay as I commented we could have another week of this weather.

We all make assumptions Рit makes actions easier it gives us less to think about as we feel we understand what the outcome will be before we even start. But do they really make our life easier? Assumptions are our list of previously defined rules provided by our culture and our families, such as in order to be happy you must be married, or if you are married when are you having children? We then add to these assumptions with our own thoughts, sometimes  based on our lived experience but also what we see in the media, other peoples comments and dare I say, other peoples fears. The combined effect can be to push you to greater heights of achievement, or to keep you where you are.

What assumptions are you thinking as you read this?

What assumptions are you making today?

……If I change my job, I won’t be able to cope……

……If I admit I feel down, people will look at me differently……

There is an old saying “one mans meat is another mans poison“. Life is not a one size fits all so take some time for yourself and think about what you would love to do but feel that you can’t – then ask yourself

“How do I know I can’t?”

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Sharon Critchlow

Sharon Critchlow is a Wellbeing Advocate, speaker and facilitator at Discover Your Bounce for Business. Passionate about people being the best they can be she is a Time To Change Champion for mental health and holds a Masters level qualification in strategic coaching for performance. Sharon is a qualified accountant and has 20 years experience in senior leadership roles in the financial services sector. www.discoveryourbounce.com www.time-to-change.org.uk